Appointment Subcommittee Makes Recommendations On Mayor’s Choices for Framingham License Commissioner

Originally posted on January 10. Last updated on Friday, January 12.


FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham City Council Subcommittee on appointment interviewed the Mayor’s five choices for the City’s first Licensing Commission on Monday.

The 5-member subcommittee chaired by at-large Councilor Cheryl Tully Stoll will recommend the full 11-member City Council approve the five individuals on Tuesday, January 16.

Mayor Spicer began advertising for applicants for license commissioner on November 30. She announced her five choices the last week of December.

Framingham Source requested the number of applicants and the names of each applicant in December and was denied by Mayor and the City of Framingham.

The Mayor’s office said on Friday, January 12 that there were 17 applicants for the commissioner positions.

The City Council subcommittee received the resumes and cover letters before Monday night’s meeting, but did not receive the actual application submitted through the City of Framingham’s human resources department until minutes before the interviews on January 8.

The five candidates the mayor would like to appoint are:

  • Adam R. Barnosky, who owns a legal practice specializing in alcoholic beverage licensing and regulatory compliance.
  • Sara Mulkeen, employed with Framingham State University as the Manager of Digital Communications and Interactive Media.
  • Tiel Doust Wadland, who has over five years of experience in the restaurant industry, managing seven restaurants with 150 employees. Tiel is currently employed as AVP, Basel Risk/Financial Regulatory Assurance at State Street Corporation.
  • Cesar Monzon, a former Framingham Selectmen and Information Specialist for the Office of the Census Bureau. He has extensive knowledge of Massachusetts General Laws governing the licenses issued; and past experience and involvement making decisions granting and revocation of licenses
  • Joao Paulo Sakai de Freitas, who has been a business account representative with Comcast Corporation since 2009.

The resumes and applications of the five candidates were not made public or released to the media.

The City Council subcommittee questioned each of the candidates on any potential conflict of interest, their qualification, why they applied, and their knowledge of the position.

Each received a 5-0 vote to move forward.

Under the charter, one of the appointment will be for three years, two for two years, and two for a year. The Mayor’s office never notified City Council which candidates were for which position.

When Source asked the Mayor on Friday which candidates were for which terms, City of Framingham Public Information Officer Nichol Figueiredo replied “all of the candidates agreed to the Board of Licensing regardless of the length of the term.”

The Mayor promised diversity in her appointments.

None of the five individuals lives south of Route 135, and only one of the five proposed license commissioners lives south of Route 9. Two of the five live in District 3, one in District 4 and one in District 7.

The Board of License Commissioners issue Restaurant All Alcoholic and Wine/Malt Beverages, Common Victualler Licenses, Package Store All Alcoholic and Wine/Malt, Club Licenses, Weekday & Sunday Entertainment, Coin-operated Amusement Machines, Carnival Permits, Pool/Billiard Tables, Hotels & Motels, Lodging Houses, Auctioneer, Second Hand, Junk, Old Metals or Second Hand Articles for Purchase, Sale or Barter and One-day/Temporary Special All Alcoholic Beverages and Wine/Malt Licenses.

The Board of License Commissioners oversee permits for every transient vendor, hawker and peddler, solicitor.

The Board of License Commissioners are responsible for granting or renewal of motor vehicle dealer licenses on January 1st of each year for motor vehicles for sale or lease.






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