UPDATED: Framingham Council Votes To Create Job Descriptions For City Auditor, Secretary Positions

FRAMINGHAM – By an unanimous vote, the Framingham City Council voted last night to form an ad hoc committee to work with the City of Framingham human resources department to create job descriptions for two of the three jobs the 11-member City Council is responsible for hiring, under the City Charter.

The City Council ad hoc committee will help to create job descriptions for a secretary of the Council and a City Auditor.

Under the town form of government, the auditor reported to the Chief Financial Officer, but with the new City form of government the auditor would report to the City Council.

The ad hoc committee will decide if the position would be part-time or full-time. The salary range would be determined working with the HR department. Afte ra salary range and job description is created, the position will be publicly advertised.

 The City Auditor position would be for 3 years, under the City Charter.
The City Auditor would be responsile for conducting financial and performance audits.
City Council Chair Dennis Giombetti announced Wednesday night the ad hoc committee will be comprised of at-large City Councilor George King, District 7 City Councilor Margareth Shepard, and District 6 City Councilor Mike Rossi, who will chair the committee.
The Secretary of the Council would be responsible for giving public notice of meetings, keeping minutes, and other duties as voted by the 11-member Council. The job is currently being done by the secretary to the Framingham Board of Selectmen.
The third position the City Council is responsible for hiring is the City Clerk. The Framingham City Council is not working on that job description now, as current City Clerk Valerie Mulvey will remain in her position until her elected term ends in 2020.

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