UPDATED: Mayor Swears In Framingham City Council Ready to Govern on Day 1

FRAMINGHAM – Dennis Giombetti’s father was the first of an Italian-American immigrant family to be born in America.

He worked for the Town of Framingham. His very first assignment was to be a custodian in the Memorial Building.

Yesterday, Giombetti stood on the stage of Nevins Hall inside the Memorial Building sworn in as one of the City of Framingham’s first 11 City Councilors.

In November, voters elected the 11-member City Council, consisting of two at-large councilors and 9 district councilors.

That same month, the 11-member Council elected District 5 City Councilor Giombetti as its first City Council Chair.

And as chair, he delivered a speech to the crowd of almost 900 in Nevins Hall during yesterday’s inauguration, after Framingham’s first Mayor Yvonne Spicer gave the oath of office to the Councilors.

“I know he is looking down very proudly, and with a smile,” Giombetti said of his father to the crowd.

Giombetti reflected on his family history, after discussing how immigrants play a significant role on the new City Council.

District 7 City Councilor Margareth Shepard is the first Brazilian-American immigrant to be elected to the City Council, said Giombetti

District 9 City Councilor Edgardo Torres, a descendant of Puerto Rico, will be serving his south side district on the Framingham City Council, said Giombetti.

Giombetti, who was one of nine elected Framingham Charter Commissioners who encouraged voters to approve a change of government from a town to a city, said he was encouraged by the “enthusiasm for the our city.”¬†Framingham voters, by about 100 votes approved the government change in April 2017.

City Council Chair Giombetti asked that those in attendance, and watching the inauguration on television, get involved in the new government.

“Framingham will then be a much better community,” he said.

Giombetti said there is much work to be done and the Council is “extremely eager” to get started.

“Since being elected in November, the City Council has begun to position ourselves to be prepared to govern on day 1, and to ensure an orderly and seemless transition,” said Giombetti in his inauguration speech.

The Council’s first meeting of 2018 is tonight, January 2 at 7 in the Ablondi¬† room in the Memorial Building. There is a full agenda.

Part of the agenda calls for the Council to request the Mayor hold a financial summit on the City of Framingham before March 6.

In 2017, the Council voted to create seven subcommittees.

In December, Giombetti appointed members to those subcommittees and named chairs for each.

“We look forward working with our Mayor, School Committee, Boards and Commissions, and the entire Framingham community on the critical issues before us,” said Giombetti in his speech.

This Council will focus on environmental and sustainability issues. Economic development, open space, city finances, education, and zoning issues, said Giombetti.

As well as continuing to rebuild our schools, including Fuller Middle School, said Giombetti.

“Developing our blighted plazas, and saveing our open spaces, and making Framingham more business-friendly,” said Giombetti. “All while keeping Framingham affordable.”

Giombetti, during his speech, made an extra special recognition to the families of those elected, who allow “us to follow our passion.”

Sworn in was:

Framingham City Council

At-large: George King and Cheryl Tully Stoll

District 1: Charlie Sisitsky

District 2: Pam Richardson

District 3: Adam Steiner

District 4: Mike Cannon

District 5: Dennis Giombetti

District 6: Mike Rossi

District 7: Margareth Shepard

District 8: Judy Grove

District 9: Edgardo Torres


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