What Does Day 2 of the Spicer Administration Look Like?

FRAMINGHAM – Earlier today, Yvonne Spicer was sworn in as the City of Framingham’s first mayor in an inauguration ceremony at the Memorial Building.

Last week, Framingham Source had a 30-minte interview with then Mayor-elect, who discussed what Day 2 of her administration would look like.

“First, of all January 2, is likely already scheduled for me,” said Spicer.

“January 2 is going to be a lot of meetings,” said Spicer.

“January 2 is also going to be a day to work with the City Council,” said Spicer.

The 11-member City Council, also sworn-in officially as part of the City of Framingham inauguration ceremony in Nevins Hall today January 1, will meet Tuesday night at 7 in the Blumer room in the Memorial Building. Click here for more information.

“I will be attending the City Council meeting,” said Spicer. “I will also have dedicated meetings with the Council chair and co-chair,” earlier in the day.

District 5 City Councilor and former Framingham Selectman Dennis Giombetti was elected City Council chair in November. Former Selectman and District 1 City Councilor Charlie Sisitsky was elected vice chair.

Since her election in November, Spicer said she has met with “just about every Council members and also every School Committee person, individually. I have had private one-on-one meetings with every one of them to really get a perspective first of all from the lens of them and their constituents what are those key issues I need to focus on from their neighborhoods and what are the issues they are passionate about. and looking at ways in which that can be incorporated into some of my planning.”

Spicer said the meetings were “really good” as some of the Council Members, and School Committee members “I didn’t know very well.”

Asked what she learned from the meetings, Spicer said she “got to see people’s passions. I really heard and listened very carefully to what they are passionate about. It was enlightening to me – all of these folks love Framingham – that is a common thread we all have.”

She said she also learned that “everyone has a lens to look at this world through;” and that the experiences of these City Councilors “have had in life have shaped their passions, like environmental issues, education, or economic development.”

Spicer noted that the 11-member Council has several members, who have been in service for Framingham for a while, llike “Mike Rossi, Dennis (Giombetti), Charlie (Sisitsky) and George King, and Pam Richardson too.”

“Government is important to them,” said Spicer. “We have a wide varierty of people who have some extensive experience in government there, and then we have a wonderful group of newbies. I like the balance. I really like that balance. I’m mindful of being gentle with those who have not done this before. I want to give them space to grow into their leadership, and I want to make sure those opportunities of leadership are created for them.”

Spicer said she will “encourage the chair and co-chair of the Council to step back from their vast experience, and allow other Council members to grow into leadership positions.”

January 2 will also be time spent in the Memorial Building for Spicer, where her new office is located. She has taken over the officer of former Town Manager Bob Halpin, whom she says she has a good relationship with. Hapin will stay on as a “special advisor to the mayor” through June 30.


“Over the last few weeks, whenever possible, I have tried to make myself available to the team here (Memorial Building),” said Spicer. “I have been spending ime here and spending time in the community. And also conveying to the team here my work style – how much I appreciate the work they have been doing for Framingham – and how I hope that we will continue to move forward together.”


Mayor Spicer said she plans to “stop in the departments and greet people” on January 2.


She said it is important to be able “to greet people, so they get a chance to see who I am. Say hellos, so they can see I am approachable.”


“So that day (January 2) I am seeing the get to know you tour here (at the Memorial Building),” said Spicer.

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