Mayor-Elect Spicer: ‘Come January 1st, We Hit the Reset Button’

FRAMINGHAM – On Monday, January 1, Yvonne Spicer will be sworn in as the City of Framingham’s first mayor, with her hand on a bible dating back to the 1700’s.

In April, Framingham voters by the narrowest margin, voted to make the Town of Framingham the Commonwealth’s newest city.

So in 2018, after 317 years as a town, this community becomes the City of Framingham.

In November, Spicer easily defeated former state representative and Framingham Selectman John Stefanini to become the first mayor. She has been working at the Museum of Science in Boston as a vice president through last week. 

On January 1, at noon there will be an inauguration, in which she will be sworn in by City Clerk Valerie Mulvey. The public is invited to the inauguration inside Nevins Hall in the Memorial Building. Doors open at 11:15 a.m. No ticket is needed for the free event. For additional details, click here.

Spicer, on Thursday morning, said she had yet to decide on an outfit. “I am deciding between five,” she said.

But earlier this month, Spicer selected a historic bible from the Framingham History Center, to place her hand on for the swearing in ceremony.

“One of things that is important to me is making sure we honor our history – our 317 year old history as we move forward; and so I thought it would be appropriate to be sworn in ona  historical bible,” said Spicer. Framingham History Center Director “Annie Murphy  laid out this display of bibles, and went through explanations of the bibles, like who had them and their significance. She came to the Eames bible and Mary Eames bible, and Eames Street is the first street I ever lived on in Framingham, so that immediately resonated with my spirit.”

Eames is one of the oldest Framingham families. The Eames bible Spicer selected belonged to Mary Eames, born in 1757. The Bible dates from the second half of the 18th century (1770), according to the Framingham History Center. She was a descendant of the family, affected by the Eames Massacre (likely a granddaughter or great-granddaughter based on the dates.), according to the Center.

As of Thursday morning, when Framingham Source interviewed Spicer, she was still writing her inauguration speech on her Museum of Science computer. She said she hoped to finish writing it by Saturday (today) morning.

She said her speech will “pull from what is meaninful to me for the vision of Framingham.”

“I am focusing on how us as a community can come together, and also some of the hopes and aspirations I have for Framingham,” in my speech said Spicer, who said a text of her speech will be made available to the media.

“As I frequently say to folks, come January 1, we get to hit the rest button,” said Spicer.

“There are some things that have happened in the past that may not have been the best of things. There are some things we have been disappointed about. We can’t go back and fix that,” said Spicer. “We can move forward. We can learn from that experience.”

Spicer has yet to hire any staff as of Friday, December 29, but she has advertised for four positions.

She is advertising for an executive assistant, a Chief Operating Officer, and two senior advisors. She also plans to advertise for a neighborhood services position, which she campaigned about and had in her platform.

The Charter also lists the hiring of Citizens Participation Officer, as part of the change to a city.  Spicer said she would like to re-name that position to the “neighborhood services” position.

Spicer also said she is considering a Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Framingham.

She is just not sure if  the sustainability coordinator would be a new hire or reconstituting work from other departments.

“I need to look deeper at this,” said Spicer, who said she wants to add it by the next budget cycle.

Spicer will be responsible for creating a FY19 budget for the City of Framingham. Fiscal Year 2019 starts on July 1, 2018.

The City Council will request the mayor call a financial submit by March 6.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity,” said Spicer. “I’m ready. I’m inspired by all of our leaders who have come together, from the Council to the School Committee. This will be a new day for Framingham.”

Since the election, Spicer has been attending several community events, along with having one-on-one meetings with most of the elected City Councilors and School Committee members.

She said being visible in Framingham is important to her.

“I don’t mind being the poster child for Framingham,” said Spicer.


Photo courtesy of Framingham History Center 


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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