PHOTOS: McAuliffe Seventh Graders Explore the Hero’s Journey and Immigration

FRAMINGHAM – After spending a trimester delving into the Hero’s Journey and immigration, students at the Christa McAulife Charter School presented the stories of the immigrants they had interviewed, alongside other work they completed as part of the expedition, to an audience that included family members and the interviewees themselves.
According to Brian Callahan, McAuliffe’s Humnanities Coach, “7th grade teachers worked hard to plan and deliver lessons that challenge, engage, and empower scholars to do their best work and be their best selves. In each classroom students thought critically, honed essential skills and habits, and worked on developing their character.”
Additionally, Callahan  recognized that the evening “represents an authentic way for scholars to share their work with a wider community [that gives] the work deeper purpose and more meaning.”
McAuliffe scholars rose to the occasion; they spoke with poise and treated their visitors with thoughtfulness and respect.
7th grader Nicole De Aquino reflected, “The best part of the event was the reaction we got from the interviewees; I felt really proud when I saw the person I interviewed smiling.” She added, “We’re really lucky that we didn’t have to face all of the challenges that our interviewees did.”​
Photos and report provided by McAuliffe Charter School

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