Woman2Woman Today Wins Regional Award

FRAMINGHAM – Woman2Woman Today wins second place in regional video festival acknowledging community television programs making a difference locally. The member-produced program highlighting women and their accomplishments secured a second-place finish in the highly-competitive ACM-Northeast Regional Video Festival.

Woman2Woman Today produced by host, Jen Maseda, entered the “General Talk Show” category in this regional competition that includes all New England states and New York. Recorded at Framingham’s public access television station studios, Access Framingham (AFTV).

This is the first-time the program was entered into the Northeast Video Festival.

Jen Maseda thanked her production assistant, Jess Friswell, and AFTV Studio Operations Coordinator and W2W Today show director, Shavarsh Morrissey for “…making it happen every episode.”

“Congratulations to the volunteers that come to help; the amazing women that take time out of their Sunday to be with us; the entire team at Access Framingham for supporting our vision and giving us the best equipment, space and tech support around,” said Maseda.

Maseda shared why she wanted to do this show, “The goal of the program is to provide a platform for women to learn from each other and inspire one another, while discovering their local community via the female point-of-view.”

Woman2Woman Today consistently has quality guests and interesting topics,” said Access Framingham Executive Director Scott Mercer. “Jen made the concept a reality, designed the set and worked hard to make every show relevant and engaging. It is an award well-deserved.”

The ACM-Northeast Region is a facilitator of information among the New England states, organizes conferences, workshops and events to advance community media in those states and nationally.

Woman2Woman Today airs on AFTV Mondays 5:30 p.m., Thursdays 8 p.m. and Saturdays at 9;30 a.m. on RCN Channel 3, Comcast Channel 9 and Verizon Channel 43.

There are 12 other communities across the state downloading the program to air on their channels.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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