Framingham Kids Sing Christmas Carols in Daddy’s Home 2

FRAMINGHAM – If you watch Daddy’s Home 2, not only may you recognize a middle school but you may see a few Framingham students singing Jingle Bells in the Christmas pageant scene.

In March, scenes of the sequel to Daddy’s Home starring Mark Walhberg and Will Ferrell filmed in Framingham. This weekend, the movie opened in theatres nationwide.

And Friday morning, a dozen students from the Performing Arts Center of MetroWest watched themselves on the big screen at AMC Framingham. The Center and AMC held a special screening for those students, who filmed a school concert scene in the movie.

Students who participated in the filming included Jade Alvarez, Bella Andersen, Juliana Aristizabal, Jackson Bill, Maddie Burgess, Ivan Cheung, Emily Chipolone, Malachai Ciardi, Bennett Dalton, Isabella Deligiannides, Katie Dicesare, Tija Dilba, Julia Doucet, Casey Feaster
Jeremiah Hollan Hagan, Max Hurowitz, Sophia Hurowitz, Tessa Krejdovsky, Paul Lang, Amelia Lang, Margaret Leland, Spencer Leland, Sydney Lozano, Gabriel Luperon, Christian Marshall, Fielding Mayhugh, Brenna McCarthy, Colin McCarthy, Alanna Meyer, Melissa Monteiro, Isabelle Moran, Zoe Norris, Addison Nugent, Grace Olah, Mya Jolie, Flores Paez, Liam Parker, Renee Poblenz, Spencer Romm Talia Salls, Marie Scanlon, Charuvi Singh, William “Billy” Stewart, Roma Tewari, and Alexis Weiss.

Not all the students who rehersed for hours and filmed the movie scene could attend Friday’s premiere, but those that did enjoyed the film, which also stars Mel Gibson, Linda Cardellini, John Cena, and John Lithgow.

“It took a long time to film, and there was a lot of waiting,” said Marie Scanlon, a fifth grader. “I like how we got paid.”

“After the first day of shooting, me and my brother got called back for another day of shooting,” said Brenna McCarthy, after watching the movie Friday. “We were asked to be a part of the lobby scene. It was filmed at Cameron. It is when everyone is waiting to go in and hear the choir in the movie.”

“My favorite part was the only part I was in, the Christmas pageant scene,” said Tija Dilba, who said she was happy that the performing Arts Center of MetroWest gave her an opportunity to be in the movie.

“I was paired up with these two adults,” said Brenna McCarthy. “And I was supposed to act like they are my parents.  They were fixing my scarf, and things. The key was to not look awkward.”

“It was fun because we got to see some famous people, like Will Ferrell while we were walking down the hallways,” said Scanlon.

McCarthy said she stood in the same room with Walhberg, and Ferrell said hi to her brother Colin.

“The filming was really fun, but we had to wait a long, long time before we started filming,” said Julia Doucet. “But it was really fun. It was fun becuase I got to be a in a movie.

The Performing Arts Center students sang Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls.

“Filming was really great but it took a long time,” said Max Hurowitz after watching the movie. “It was all worth it in the end, as we are in the movie.” His sister Sophia was also in the paegent singing scene.

Hurowitz said they practiced the singing scene for almost “two hours. And then we did another hour while on stage.”

“It took a really long time to film, but it was enjoyable to see all the steps to film,” said Isabella Deligiannides. “We went over each song more than 10 times.”

There is a scene in the movie in which Walhberg, is directing traffic, as Ferrell drops his kids off at school. Those in Framingham will recognize the school as Cameron Middle.

The children’s concert, featuring the Framingham kids was filmed at Walsh Middle School.

Most in town are familiar with the scene in which Walhberg, Ferrell, Gibson, and Lithgow spent time on the aquaduct on Potter Road. In the movie, Ferrell cuts down a cell phone tower mistaking it for a possible Christmas tree.

“My favorite part in the movie was when they were all singing at the end, and when they cut down the tree and it was a telephone pole,” said  Deligiannides.

The Performing Arts Center and the kids were not mentioned in the credits at the end, but the Town of Framingham was mentioned. It will be the last time the Town of Framingham will ever be mentioned in movie credits, as Framingham will become a City of January 1, 2018.


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