UPDATED: Thousands Spent To Win District 6 Framingham Council Seat

FRAMINGHAM – Zoning Board of Appeals chair Phil Ottaviani Jr. and Keefe Technical School Committee member Michael Rossi are vying for the District 6 City Council seat on November 7.

Ottaviani has raised almost $7,500, including personal loans to his own campaign during this race. Rossi, including personal loans, has raised $3,600

On Tuesday, November 7, voters in District 6, Precincts 10 and 11 also will choose between Michelle Brosnahan and Geoffrey Epstein for School Committee.

Editor’s Note: In full transparency, Phil Ottaviani Jr. Geoffrey Epstein, and Michael Rossi all paid for a political ad on Framingham Source during the 2017 election season.

District 6 School Committee candidate Michelle Brosnahan had $196.59 in her campaign account and donated $195 to #WhyNotDevin  on April 29. She raised no money between time she was certified to be on the ballot until October 30.

District 6 School Committee candidate Geoffrey Epstein donated $300 to his own campaign and  loaned his campaign another $2,500. Epstein spent $300 with Petroni Media Company to advertise on Framingham Source. He spent $401.63 on yard signs.

City Council candidate Michael Rossi had 3 donors and raised $1625 between Sept 18 and October 30. He raised $1,975 prior to the preliminary election.

His donors were:

  • Denise Germain of Framingham donated $25.
  • Charles Ziegler of Framingham donated $100
  • David Magnani of Framingham donated $500

Rossi loaned his own campaign $2,500.

Rossi spent $1053.21 on a political mailing. He also spent $377.19 for printing costs and $201.92 for copies at Staples.

Rossi spent $300 with Petroni Media Company for an ad on Framingham Source during this election season.


Phil Ottaviani raised $1,725 from 5 donors between September 18 and October 30. Prior to the preliminary election on September 26, Ottaviani raised $5754.31, including loans from the candidate to his own campaign.

Donations during the most recent filing with the Town Clerk’s office included:

  • Carpenters Local Union 475 out of Framingham donated $500
  • Ellen Jagher of Framingham donated $250
  • William Jagher of Framingham donated $250
  • New England Laborers District Council out of Holliston $500
  • Eastleigh Farm owner Doug Stephan $200. (Previously Stephan had donated $250 to Ottaviani.)

District 4 City council candidate Michael Cannon donated $100 to Ottaviani during the preliminary election.

Ottaviani in this filing loaned is own campaign $1,654.31

He spent $788.32 for a mailing and $250 for postage.

Ottaviani has paid $300 to Petroni Media Company for ads on Framingham Source. He has taken out additional ads since.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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