LETTER: Kelly is What Framingham School Committee Needs

Last year, the FHS Resiliency for Life program’s future was up in the air.  There was a great deal of debate about funding, staffing, and support for the program.

The RFL program at Framingham High School helps kids who have social, emotional and academic challenges succeed at school.

I knew that Jim supported the program because we had both attended the annual RFL fundraising gala in the fall.

I was there because my son is in RFL and I am a huge supporter of the program.

When the principal at the high school decided to cut the program, I approached Jim for his help.

Jim was able to answer my questions and concerns honestly and factually.  He stayed away from the political angles and took the time to listen to my perspective.  He was also able to educate me about the “big picture”.

This was the first time that I have ever had to approach an “elected official” to help me fight for something that I strongly believed in.

Jim attended School Committee meetings, meetings with parents &  administration and spent time on the phone with me discussing what could be done to continue to support our children.

I’m happy to report that through the hard work of School Committee members like Jim and the new superintendent and FHS principal, RFL is thriving and, as a result, my son is succeeding at the high school.

We need people like Jim Kelly on the school committee so that our children can have a bright future in our new city of Framingham.

Jacqui Goldberg



Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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