LETTER: 40 Residents Endorse Case For Framingham District 5 City Council

District 5 is home to McCarthy Elementary, Fuller Middle School, FSU, the Callahan Senior Center, Bowditch Field, and the border of Mt. Wayte Plaza — all of which are important to the Framingham community.

We need a leader who will actively listen to our concerns and understand the issues surrounding these institutions.

We believe Robert Case is a fresh new voice who will best represent our district’s needs.

Robert has served as chair of Precinct 8 for the past 3 years, as well as his work on the Ways and Means Committee. He is honest, asks tough questions, and puts District 5 residents first. He and his husband chose to raise their three adopted children in Framingham because of its excellent schools, rich diversity, and thriving community — all of which Robert will work to protect on the City Council.

Robert has been endorsed by the Mass Alliance Rising Stars Program and the Bay State Stonewall Democrats.


As Framingham transitions to a city form of government, we believe that Robert is the right person to represent our district on the City Council.

We encourage you to join us and ask you to vote for Robert Case for District 5 City Council.

Cheryl Gordon

Ed Kross

Erica Toochin

Colleen Frost

Melissa Davenport 

Sal Birch

Sandra and Jessie Desjardins

Maria and Matt Robinson

Nancy and Steve Rogerson

Marlon Violette 

Kelly Mello

Linda Webster

Meghan Martin

Megan Romine

Kristin Romine

Keith Nelson

Lee Hargraves

KateLynn Plotnick Efendiyev

Karen Vaz

Erica Monko

Greg Palmer

Chris Teague

Erin Hammill

Deborah Lenares

Chuck Schneider

Amy Finstein

Ali  and Mitch Corton

Elizabeth Law and Craig Wilkey

Beth Folsom

Jonathan and Francesca Harris

Amy Levine

Barbara Solorzano

Melanie and Aaron Steck

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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