LETTER: Council Candidate Tully Stoll Is What A ‘True Leader’ Looks Like

I have never before endorsed a candidate in a political campaign, but this time I feel compelled.

Cheryl Tully Stoll, Chair of the Framingham Board of Selectmen, is currently running for one of the two City Council At Large seats in our new government.

Framingham residents need her in our corner.

She is a true leader and the kind we don’t see very often these days.  She makes decisions based on what is the best for Framingham, not what benefits her politically. Unlike others, she doesn’t wait to jump on the bandwagon; she’s often the one driving it.

Cheryl fights for everyone – nothing is too big or too small for her to address. For instance, when school vending machines were full of sugary beverages and candy bars, she stepped up to a very unpopular plate and worked at both the local and state levels to have them switched out with healthier alternatives.

At the other end of the citizenry spectrum, as a Selectman, Cheryl realized that our senior center didn’t have a bus to help our older residents get to medical appointments . She dug in and started working with the center leadership and the MWRTA to get a bus for the center at no cost to Framingham taxpayers.

When our residents have a problem, she does not pass them off to town staff; she picks up the phone and calls them herself. And then follows up to make sure that the matter is resolved, thinking nothing of the extra effort. When I asked her about it, her response was, “How can I represent people if I don’t speak with them and help them – it’s my duty!”

Cheryl has done a great job representing us for the last three plus years and we need her to be the bridge that transitional us from Town to City, continuing to representing us with a commitment matched by few.

To learn more about her 36 years of service to our community and her achievements as our Selectman visit www.TullyStoll.com.

You’ll see what a true leader looks like.

Brenda Crawshaw


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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