UPDATED: Flyers Swim and Dive Defeat AMSA To End Regular Season at 9-5

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FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham High girls swim and dive team defeat AMSA Friday night, to finish the regular season 9-5.

Next up for the Flyers is the Bay State Conference meet.

AMSA co-ed team won seven of the 12 events Friday night at Keefe Technical’s pool, including the medley relay to start the meet.

But team depth helped secure Framingham a non-league victory.

AMSA swimmers Jesse Hogan, Joshua Skwersky, Evan O’Connor and Golnaz Zamiri won the medley relay in 2:06:11 minutes.

Framingham swimmers Kacie Zonghetti, Emily Rogers, Niamh White, and Kelsie Geiser finished second. Flyers Casey Libuda, Maria Martinez, Suzanne Julakis, and Julia Long finished third.

AMSA finished 1-2 in the 200-yard freestyle with Ben Williams first in 1:59.31 minutes and Nathan Hardy second in 2:08.51 minutes.

Framingham captured third, fourth and fifth place. Sophomore Marley DeSmone was third, Julakis was fourth and junior Libuda was fifth in 2:17.06 minutes.

Sophomore Tatum O’Leary won the individual medley, in a time that qualified her for the state sectional swim meet. Framingham junior Geiser was fourth in 2:44.07 minutes with sophomore Arielle Shek fifth in 2:45.15 minutes.

Framingham swept the sprint event Friday night. Sophomore Caroline Mazariegos won the 50-yard freestyle. Sophomore Jillian O’Neil was second and junior Rogers was third in 28.62 seconds.

The Flyers also swept the diving event with its three seniors. Halia Bower won the event with 304.25 points. Seniors Kalena Chin and Catherine Turner captured second and third place.

AMSA’s Joshua Skwersky won the 100-yard butterfly event in 1:04.42 minutes. Framingham’s Mazariegos finished second, in a state sectional qualifying time. Julakis finished fourth for Framingham in 1:13.38 minutes and junior Libuda was fifth in 1:16.45 minutes.

AMSA’s Nathan Hardy won the 100-yard freestyle event in 58.86 seconds. Framingham sophomore Jessica Tosi finished in second place. Flyer O’Neil was third and Framingham senior Olivia Nelson was fourth in 1:04.79 minutes.

Framingham junior Emily Rogers won the 500-yard freestyle event in 6:03.05 minutes. AMSA took second place. Framingham junior Isabella Petroni captured third place in 6:56.09 minutes.

AMSA won the 200-yard freestyle relay in 1:50.95 minutes, but Framingham captured second and third place. Swimmers DeSimone, Tosi, junior Andrea Ramirez and O’Neil was second. Swimmers Geiser, Long, White and Rogers finished third. Framingham divers¬† Turner, sarah Olson, Chin and Bower finished in fifth place in the relay.

AMSA’s Ben Williams won the 100-yard backstroke event in 1:05.46 minutes.

Framingham captured second, third, and fourth place for a deep sweep. Nelson was second, O’Leary was third in 1:12.77 minutes and Shek was third in 1:18.46 minutes.

Evan O’Connor won the breaststroke event for AMSA in 1:17.97 minutes.¬† Framingham sophomore Maria Martinez finished second in 1:22.55 minutes and Flyer DeSimone was fifth in 1:29.28 minutes.

Framingham finished 1-2 in the final event of the night – the 400-yard freestyle relay.

Swimmers DeSimone, Mazariegos, O’Neil, and Tosi won the event in a state meet qualifying time. Swimmers Nelson, Julakis, O’Leary, and Long finished second.


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