LETTER: Stefanini Helped Create Merchant Field, Cushing Memorial Park For Framingham

I am an avid supporter of John Stefanini in the upcoming election for the first Mayor of Framingham. Why?

Based on my 4 decades of experience in public life and in our local government I have learned the following: when hiring key individuals, look past the self-promotion, the fancy resumes, and the multiple degrees offered by the candidates. Look for demonstrated results and accomplishments.

Let me cite a just few of John’s demonstrated accomplishments in local government.

In the early 90’s the Town was in desperate need of soccer fields. An acquisition of State owned land to create soccer fields was  undertaken by the Park Commission and the Framingham United Soccer Club. The State Representative that was counted on to expertly navigate the land acquisition through a very reluctant State Legislature was John Stefanini. John, later as a member of the Board of Selectmen, used his executive abilities to help craft a lease with the FUSC. The beauty and brilliance of the terms of the lease required the club to bear the burden of the development and operational costs. The net result was there was an increase in services without cost to the taxpayer. The Merchant Road Soccer Fields have provided our kids with years of recreational opportunities.

In the late 90’s the Town was faced with the State selling off almost 100 acres of property with in South Framingham with 8,000 square foot single family zoning. It was destined to become an urban boondoggle, further devastating property values on the South side. John stepped up to chair a star-studded committee of about 15 local officials, crafted a plan for reuse, gained consensus from the local  Committee and Town Meeting, and presented the plan to the Governor of Massachusetts which received his final approval. John again ushered the needed legislation through the state legislature to make the acquisition permanent and legal. The land now serves as our famous central park known as Cushing Memorial Park. This solution resulted in increasing our property values, not decreasing them. And exactly how many residents use this property regularly, I could only guess.

Being a little bit older than John, I watched him emerge into Framingham’s political scene when he became the youngest Selectmen in Framingham’s history. John immediately assumed a leadership role in that position by managing the Town’s financial affairs. John privatized key services like the “ambulance service’ making huge amounts of money available to improve other services while raising the required qualifications of the emergency medical response staff. How many lives have been saved and how much money saved? Again I could only guess.

From my front row seat as a longtime elected Town Official and former Division Manager of 5 Town Departments, I have witnessed that Yvonne Spicer has not had the same level of participation or level of achievement in local government as John Stefanini. Although both candidates present multiple advanced degrees and prominent positions held, Johns candidacy goes beyond that.

His candidacy’s main focus is on the results achieved after obtaining and holding prominent positions. Spicer’s candidacy does not. Why?

I vastly prefer the demonstrated accomplishments in local government of John Stefanini for mayor. I know what John has done. I know where his heart has been. We have a good idea of what he can do for us in the future. Why would anyone take a chance when they do not have to? Vote for John!

Robert Merusi
Former Town Meeting Member, Former Keefe Tech School Committee member, Former Framingham School Committee member, Current Housing Authority member, former 40 year employee Town of Framingham employee. 

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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