Framingham Police Superior Officers Union Endorses Stefanini For Mayor

Originally posted at 3:17 p.m. Updated at 3:57 p.m.

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham Police Superior Officers voted on October 26 to endorse John Stefanini for Framingham’s first Mayor.

The Framingham Police Superior Officers met with both candidates, Yvonne Spicer and John Stefanini yesterday, October 26, to discuss the issues and challenges in Framingham and within the Framingham Police Department.

Stefanini spoke frankly with union members discussing the ongoing internal departmental issues, police staffing, budget concerns and other public safety concerns, said the Association in a statement to the media.

Union members were overall impressed with Stefanini’s knowledge of Framingham, his understanding of the challenges and his willingness to take them on as Mayor, said the Association.

“The Framingham Police Superior Officers Association is endorsing Candidate John Stefanini for Framingham’s First Mayor,” said Association Union President Scott Brown. “John’s understanding of Framingham’s on going issues and his ability to put a plan into action on day one to ensure the continued safety of the community as a whole, is why we are endorsing him.”

Framingham needs a candidate that can hit the ground running, and set the pace for Framingham’s future, said the Association.

Framingham as a community has missed out on opportunities that surrounding communities have seized upon. It is time for Framingham to reclaim its future, with an experienced leader at the helm, said the Association in its release to the media.

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