LETTER: Wadland Right Choice For School Committee District 3

I am 60 years old and I’ve been Framingham resident since 1958.  My mother taught at Walsh Middle School for 30 years and the younger of my two sons graduated from FHS around the turn of the century.

When one is my age and has no children in our school system, it’s like sitting at a poker table and tossing in chips with never a chance of winning the hand.  I don’t even have any cards, but I do have chips in the pot and I want them taken care of.

Here in Framingham 60 cents of every tax dollar we pay goes to our schools and our graduation rate hovers around the 85% level. 

This is not good, and I don’t feel like I am getting a good return for my educational tax dollars.

It is with this in mind that I am paying very close attention to the School Committee races as election day draws near.

In District 3 there is a candidate that I have a tremendous amount of confidence in,  Scott Wadland, who with the voters’ blessing would return to the School Committee after a very strong showing in last spring’s town-wide election.

He is the former head of the TownWide PTO who I find to be a voice for responsible spending.  This is illustrated by the fact that he has called for a bottom-to-top forensic-like analysis of our present budget.  I was surprised to learn how rarely this is done.

The goal is to weed out under-used, no longer needed programs and applying that money toward other expenses.  I’ve gotta tell you that makes me feel good.  I don’t mind spending money on our students but I want my tax dollars spent very carefully and Scott gives me confidence that 60% of my tax dollars will be distributed judicially.

When I first met Scott I suggested that maybe he was selling himself short. I thought he would make a good mayoral candidate and yet with the challenges in our school system I am convinced that he is in the right position.  Let’s return him to that position this November.

Walter Siggins 
Former Town Meeting member
Framingham resident

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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