LETTER: Sousa Endorses Steiner For District 3 City Council

Adam Steiner is prepared to keep Framingham moving forward starting 2018.

I have had the privilege to know Mr. Steiner and his family more closely this past summer through our respective city council and mayoral campaigns. It was incredibly rewarding to meet someone with a background much different than my own that shared my passion for diverse community engagement. He is sensitive to the individual obstacles facing the different pockets of our population and he understands that disenfranchisement is dangerous to both our present and future.

The quality I most admire in Mr. Steiner, however, is his ability and willingness to listen. He not only acknowledges different viewpoints, but he is and will be proactive about seeking them out to truly represent District 3.

With the tremendous task of transitioning Framingham officially from a town to a city, it is imperative we have City Councilors with Mr. Steiner’s commitment to diplomacy. He knows how to maneuver competing viewpoints in a highly productive manner.

Adam Steiner is a leader that also brings practical knowledge for a municipal government and a focus on the long-term benefits of our community. He will encourage smart, cost-effective innovation that keep Framingham moving forward. He is extremely dedicated and that dedication will ensure a smooth transition from a town to a city.

I am proud to endorse Adam Steiner as a candidate for city council because he is committed to connecting with Framingham residents and making them feel heard.  I urge all District 3 residents to vote Adam Steiner on November 7.

Priscila Sousa

Former Mayoral Candidate


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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