LETTER: Framingham Planning Board Needs To Put Conditions on Proposed Millwood Development

At the October 12, 2017 Planning Board meeting, I learned that the Millwood Preserve developer has modified the plan for the project.

There will still be 135 units, but there will be no single units (previously there were 64); there will 45 double units (instead of 7) and 15 triple units (instead of 19).

Thus, the number of buildings has been reduced from 90 to 60.

Also, two double units have been moved from the area near Grove Street to the end of the road abutting the open space area, reducing the contiguous area for the Millwood Preserve Park.

With this new configuration, the units satisfy the zoning bylaw regarding distance between and behind units but, a waiver is still required for a few units that are 38 feet high. The bylaw limits the height to 35 feet.

I requested that the developer provide a map outlining the boundary of the Millwood Preserve Park and indicate the acreage of that area. Town Meeting was told that there would be 40 acres of open space with at least 30 contiguous acres as a park area with public access. The planned park area is in an area within the development, bordering Millwood Road.

The Millwood Preserve Park must be at least 30 contiguous acres to be consistent with what the developer promised Town Meeting.

The Planning Board permit for this development should require that Millwood Preserve Park open space area be accessible by the public.

I requested that the Millwood Preserve Park have public amenities including walking paths around the ponds.

The 20 space parking lot near Callaghan State Park and the Millwood entrance should have access to paths that lead to the open space area.

Additionally, to insure that the park area is maintained properly the Condominium Association should include one or more members from the Framingham community.

The ~70 acres of land was purchased for $5.5M; therefore, 30 acres has a value of more than $2.4M.

If a unit, sold for $600K, has one member on the Condominium Association then the $2.4M open space area should get 4 members on the Condominium Association.

It is critical that the Planning Board include the conditions described above in the development permit for Millwood Preserve Park.

Joel Winett

Precinct 7 Town Meeting Member

Candidate for City Council – District 3

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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