LETTER: Stefanini ‘Most Qualified’ To be First Mayor of Framingham

John Stefanini is the candidate most qualified to be the first Mayor of Framingham.

It’s that simple to me.

His years as State Representative, Framingham Board of Selectmen and his extensive knowledge of the new City Charter provides him with the right experience to be our Mayor.

When discussing the upcoming election with friends, a response I get sometimes is … “about that library video”.

For those who don’t know, John has spent his professional career as an educator, a public official, and as a practicing attorney.  During that time his reputation and credibility has never been questioned.

Should anyone be defined by a mere three minutes of their life?  I hope people will realize how unreasonable that is.

Unfortunately, trying to discredit your opponent to distract voters from the bigger picture is a common political practice.

Hillary Clinton’s emails come to mind.  I have no doubt that John’s opponent is a good person with plenty to offer Framingham.  That said, when I see John has been involved in state and town government for over three decades, producing actual results for our families and businesses, the choice for me is clear.  I’m not voting against his opponent; I’m voting FOR John.

With two young children involved in town sports, I’ve spent many days on a soccer field watching them play.

One thing I didn’t know about John until recently, is that as State Representative and Selectman, he spearheaded the effort and obtained the necessary legislation and approvals needed to create the Merchant Road soccer complex.  As great an asset as the complex is for open space and recreational enjoyment, it’s more than just soccer fields.  This is a perfect example of John responding to a resident’s request, recognizing a community need, working with others, and delivering results for Framingham residents.

I know he’ll do the same as our Mayor and that is why John Stefanini gets my vote.


Garrett Trierweiler


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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