Framingham District 5 School Committee Candidate Bradley Bauler

Editor’s Note: Brad Bauler chose not to answer Framingham Source’s questions for School Committee candidates. Instead he sent the statement below. Also below are the questions that were asked of him and and the other District 5 School Committee candidate.
As I stated in my candidate introduction on The Source, I do not look upon the work of the Framingham School Committee through hypothetical questions or one-word answers that miss the complexity of the work of that body.  
Rather, there are three questions I will ask in making every decision as I fight for our children to succeed in school:
  1. Are we doing our best to help our children be safe, healthy and ready to learn, read and do math at grade-level, and fulfill their potential?
  2.  Are we doing our best to provide the tools and resources for parents, teachers, teaching assistants, social workers, coaches, school nurses, and staff to help our children succeed in school and in life?
  3.  Are we delivering the best value, accountability, and results for the taxpayers who make our school system possible?” 

As a member of the School Committee, I pledge to be visible, accountable and to do the hard work necessary to do our best.

I believe that the Framingham schools do a fine job educating an increasingly diverse student population that brings a complex array of talent and learning challenges to school every day. We must embrace every child’s individual needs, and be responsive and supportive of their parents, teachers and other professionals who help them pursue their education.

I appreciate all that you do for our community and the role of The Source in getting news and information to the residents of  Framingham. 



Years lived in Framingham:
Family (optional):
Website or Facebook page link:
Editor’s Note: Candidates were asked to provide one-word answers only. If there is no answer the candidate did not submit a response.
Framingham Public Schools are ________________________.
Have you ever been elected to a leadership role with a PTO?
If yes, which school and role (you may use more than one-word):
Have you ever served on a Framingham School Council?
If yes, which school?
What was your favorite subject in school?
Will you vote yes for a debt exclusion override for a new Fuller Middle School?
At this time, what letter grade would you give Superintendent of Schools Bob Tremblay?
What was the last Framingham Public School event you attended:
Favorite children’s book:
Should Framingham Public Schools Provide free universal preschool? 
Wi-Fi access at the middle school and Framingham High is ____________________.
Should the $100 athletic fee be eliminated?
Do you support starting Framingham High School later?
Do you support leveling at the middle school level?
Would you support a longer day for school in Framingham?
Should school start after Labor Day?
Should February vacation be eliminated?
I would bring _________________________ to the School Committee. (just one word).
What is your favorite place in Framingham? (just one):

 Editor’s Note: As there have been no forums for School Committee candidates, thus far, Source decided to ask far more questions of these candidates than of the mayor and city council candidates so voters could understand where they stand on issues. Candidates were given up to 350 words to answer each question. If the candidates went over 400 words, they were cut at the closest sentence to 400. Answers to the questions are copied and pasted below.
QUESTION #1 – Why should voters in District 5 elect you to the new Framingham School Committee?
QUESTION #2 –  The #1 role of a School Committee member is to _________________________________.
QUESTION #3 – In your opinion what is the biggest issue facing the Framingham Public Schools? How will you work to fix it?
QUESTIOn #4 –  Do you support a level funded, level service, or an increase in the Framingham Public Schools budget for the 2018-19 school year? Why? What one program would be on your no cut list? What one program would you like to increase its funding? 
QUESTION #5 – Framingham has four level 3 schools, including two in your district. Even some of its level 2 school have significant achievement gaps. What can you do as a School Committee member to close the achievement gap? Do you support the turnaround plan at McCarthy Elementary School in you district? Why?
QUESTION #6 – The contracts with almost all of the Framingham Public School unions expire in 2018. Why is your experience in dealing with union negotiations?  Do you support Interest-Based bargaining? Would you support a 1-year or a multi-year contract? How transparent should the School Committee be in its negotiations?
QUESTION #7 – Framingham is dealing with a significant increase in student enrollment over the last decade. As soon as November 2018, voters may be asked to spend between $30 and $50 million for a new Fuller Middle School, which is located in your district. How will you enlist support for this project from conservative voters or taxpayers with no children in the public schools?
QUESTION #8 – One of the complaints about the district is that there is inequity among the three middle schools. There is a reason that more than 50% of the students at the McAuliffe Charter School hail from Framingham. Superintendent Tremblay said he noticed the differences first hand during his residence program. How as a School Committee member can you do to make sure all students received an equal education in grades 6-7-8? Be specific.
QUESTION #9 – The district has been criticized for not communicating to staff, parents, and students. What can the School Committee do to improve communication to all stakeholders? What specific steps would you take to improve communication? 
QUESTION #10 – Should Framingham Public Schools return to neighborhoods schools? Why or why not?
QUESTION #11 – MassBay Community College and Framingham State University is located in your district. Who can the the partnership between those higher education institutions with the Framingham Public Schools be expanded? 
QUESTION #12 – One of the major roles of the School Committee is to set policy. If elected to be the School Committee member from District 5, what policy change would you recommend? Why?
QUESTION #13 – School bus rides are ____________________. I would fix it by ___________________________.
QUESTION #14 – What is your philosophy on special education? 
QUESTION #15 –  There are more than 75 languages spoken by the students in the Framingham Public School district. Some students enter our district with gaps in their education, with limited English skills, and with serious deficiencies in academic subjects. How can you support the bilingual department when it comes to the budget? Be specific.
QUESTION #16 – The most recently health study said Framingham middle and high school students are stressed. Students are getting less sleep, are more depressed, and considering suicide more than in previous years. How can you support socio-emotional and mental health issues in the district when it comes to preparing the 2018-19 school budget? Be specific.
QUESTION #17 – There is criteria to measure a Superintendent. Criteria to evaluate a teacher. How should you as a School Committee member be evaluated? What three things should voters hold you accountable for? Why?

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