LETTER: Stefanini Has A ‘Strong Work Ethic,’ And Will Work Tirelessly For Framingham

Our family has long and strong ties to Framingham.

We were all born and raised in Framingham, and one of us now owns and runs the small business on Waverly Street that our grandfather started in 1922.

We’ve known John Stefanini for more than three decades, and we believe he is uniquely qualified and the best choice for Framingham as its first Mayor.

John is an experienced negotiator, manager, and advocate. He is also inclusive and caring and he has the passion and knowledge to better the lives of all of Framingham’s citizens. He has a strong work ethic and will work tirelessly as Framingham’s Mayor, just as he did in the past as Selectman and Representative.

John knows the local business community and what it takes to foster tax revenue for our schools and public services. John understands how to attract and retain businesses and how to nurture a thriving business community.

When the small business community thrives, we all benefit We have no questions or doubts about John’s ability to successfully lead Framingham into the future, and we also have no questions or doubts about his integrity.

John exhibited a strong moral character even as a teenager, and he continues to live a principled life.

We strongly support John for Mayor, and we ask that you please cast your vote for him on November 7th.

Barbara Tosti
Chris Tosti
Paula Cuneo
John Tosti
Rob Tosti
Parents Joseph and Dorothy Tosti

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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