LETTER: Tilden Endorses Stefanini For Framingham Mayor

I am endorsing John Stefanini as Mayor of Framingham.

Among my many reasons is the confidence I have that John can tackle the stubborn problem of vacant and neglected shopping plazas that plague our city. I call them “zombie strip malls”, dead commercial zones which sap economic vitality from our neighborhoods.

At Nobscot Plaza, Mt. Wayte Plaza and the former State Lumber site in Saxonville, absentee owners collect rent from greedy corporate tenants who deliberately keep spaces empty without any concern for the surrounding neighborhood. They look like wastelands. Asphalt deserts. Perpetual eyesores. We drive by every day wondering, why won’t anyone do anything about this? How much longer are we going to let these people get their way at our expense? In John Stefanini we have our answer.

John has the resolve to take on the rich and powerful, including selfish and indifferent property owners.

Just as important, he has the skills and know-how gained from years of practicing law and serving as a town selectman and state representative.

He can deal with business people. He speaks their language.

He will lean on these owners and finally restore commercial activity to these areas.

He won’t be afraid to impose stern measures such as a stiff blight tax on commercial landlords who refuse to invest in and improve these sites.

We’ve lived long enough with economic stagnation and blight.

It’s time to take our neighborhoods back.

Strong leadership is needed.

On November 7 vote John Stefanini Mayor of Framingham.

Mark S. Tilden. Attorney at Law

Former Candidate for Mayor of Framingham

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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