LETTER: Steiner is the ‘New Voice’ District 3 Needs on the Framingham City Council

While District 3 is lucky to have two council candidates with experience and commitment to the community, I am writing in strong support of Adam Steiner’s candidacy and urge voters in the district (Precincts 4 and 7) to cast their vote for Adam in November’s election.

I served on the Charter Commission and one of the most exciting features of the transition to a new form of government is seeing new voices come forward to take a larger role in Government. Adam has done just that.

Using online tools, he helped create a community where people could raise and discuss important issues about the Charter process and this forum has remained a go-to place and to ask and answer valuable questions.

As he transitioned to a candidate, I’ve loved his up-close looks at key amenities and businesses within the district alongside his thoughts on Framingham wide concerns. This is exactly the type of neighborhood focus all district councilors should bring.

Adam has an excellent background for this position. He attended Framingham schools, has lived here throughout his life, is currently a technology specialist in Holliston. He served on Town Meeting for 5 years. I’ve found that Adam has several important abilities that are essential to the Council:

  • He asks difficult questions and stays with them until he gets satisfactory answers
  • He is collaborative, and listens well- traits that will allow him to work with other Council members as well as the Mayor productively.
  • He has the ability to balance big picture vision and smaller details. In my mind, this will be essential to the Council, especially as it has a number of startup tasks
  • He and his family have a deep commitment to ensuring our schools provide a rich and multi-faceted education to all our students. In fact, he just finished a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction at Boston College, focusing on the impact of technology on special needs students.
  • His technology background puts him in a great position to help the community find ways to deliver services in innovative, cost-efficient ways.
  • He is creative and future-oriented, looking to capitalize on Framingham’s strengths while we address its challenges.


For all these reasons, Adam deserves all our support and would make an great member of Framingham’s first Council.

Adam Blumer
Former Framingham Charter Commissioner and School Committee Member


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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