5th Grade Flyers Fall To Newton

By Matheus Silva

We went against Newton a team that had the same record as us 3-3.

We needed a win for a bigger chance at the playoffs, and they needed a bigger chance of getting in the playoffs.



In the first quarter, they scored once.

An, then I got mad and we went in to the second quarter with me Matheus #87 scoring a touchdown.

Then, the third quarter came and they scored.

Our team struggled to block and we were getting frustrated.

Then it came the fourth quarter and they just kept going.

Eventually, they won the game.

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Even though we lost, I thought my coaches and some of the parents thought that it was great at showing how we were working together.

We had solid runs and blocks in the first and second quarter.

Now,we have a slim chance of making the playoffs.


Matheus Silva is a fifth grade student on the FYFC team.

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