LETTER: District 3 City Council Candidate Steiner Has Commitment to Progress and Community

I’m writing to enthusiastically endorse Adam Steiner’s candidacy for Framingham City Council District 3.

I’ve known Adam for 6 years and worked closely with him on many projects. Adam embodies absolute integrity in all that he does, a quality not often found on the political front. Over the course of the past six years, I have observed Adam juggle multiple, demanding commitments with incredible balance and practicality – family, work, pursuing a Ph.D., serving as an active member of the Massachusetts Council for Exceptional Children’s (MCEC) executive board, and becoming involved in town politics when the need arose.

Many people become skilled at juggling commitments, but only a small few – like Adam – are able to manage the multiple pressures, shifting scenes, various personalities and inevitable politics without missing a beat, dropping the ball, or losing their cool.

I closely followed Framingham’s narrow vote to become a city, and I believe Adam can offer residents the kind of important guidance and thoughtful leadership that the city needs during this time of change. His deep commitment to community and progress – the kind that leaves no one in the margins – is an absolute match for the role of a City Councilor.

Adam was invited in 2016 to join the MCEC Board, which meets monthly in Framingham given its central location. He has been an incredible asset to our volunteer organization, offering a thoughtful, inclusive public education perspective and representing the board at our national legislative summit with members of the US Congress.  He also serves as Chair of Social Media, providing excellent guidance to the board as we work to reach our statewide constituency.

These are troubling times nationally, creating a critical need for strong local politics.

Adam’s frequent volunteerism and willingness to work for and with the community makes the motive of his run for City Councilor District 3 crystal clear: he has a deep interest in rolling up his sleeves and making his hometown an increasingly better place to live.


Elizabeth Stringer Keefe


Massachusetts Council for Exceptional Children

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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