Mayoral Candidates Spicer and Stefanini Discuss Making Framingham Green

FRAMINGHAM – On November 7, Framingham voters will elect the City of Framingham’s first-ever mayor.

In September, voters narrowed the seven mayoral candidates to two. The two individual with the most voteswill appear on the November 7 ballot.

On the ballot will be Yvonne Spicer and John Stefanini.

In 2014, the Town of Framingham was designated a Green Community.

As a Green Community, the Town of Framingham agrees to be committed to:
· Create as-of-right zoning for renewable energy generation, R&D, or manufacturing
· Adopt an expedited permitting process for energy facilities
· Establish an energy use baseline and develop a plan to reduce energy use by 20% in the next 5 years
· Purchase only fuel-efficient vehicles
· Adopt the Stretch Code which requires more efficient materials for all new construction

Framingham Source asked both candidates in September: How would you make Framingham Greener? Outline the steps you would take in your 4-years as Mayor.


STEFANINI: As mayor, I will bring top-notch qualified environmental professionals to the table to help us develop and implement efficient and cost effective policies and programs that will enhance and help sustain our environmental integrity:

  • Reduce, recycle & reuse our solid waste streams and safely reduce, eliminate and dispose of hazardous waste by setting aggressive measurable goals for each and establishing known best practices, and explore the feasibility of curbside composting;

  • Increase residents awareness of how they can conveniently reduce their carbon footprint and help make Green Framingham a reality in our homes and in our daily lives;

  • Preserve, protect and promote our open space and recreational areas, including our working farms, Farmers’ Markets and community gardens;

  • Increase Framingham’s use of renewable energy, reducing its overall power consumption, utilizing a more environmentally friendly fleet of vehicles, and exploring additional alternative energy sources including wind, solar and non-fossil fuel sources to power technology; and,

  • Cleanup environmentally contaminated sites throughout our community, including 350 Irving Street and Dennison Park, prevent pollution, stop pollution and hold environmental polluters responsible.


To achieve these goals, we need to make our environment one of our top priorities. Currently in Framingham, no one person is charged with monitoring and managing our progress in achieving these goals.  As Mayor, I will assign this significant responsibility a full-time Director of Environmental Integrity who will be accountable to get this done.



SPICER: Our first city administration will be committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Ten years ago, Framingham became a statewide leader in environmental stewardship when the town created the “Greener Framingham Committee.” The committee was tasked with engaging with our town leaders to find ways to make environmentally responsible decisions and recommendations.

As your Mayor, I will create a permanent “Greener City Committee” to continue this work and to make sure Framingham is doing its part to invest in renewable energy and sustainable, smart practices.

The committee will be made up of concerned Framingham residents, as well as experts in relevant fields, and we will work across departments to propose initiatives, engage with relevant departments, and educate our community about how we can develop a reputation as one of the greenest communities in Massachusetts.

Framingham is a very unique community – we are home to beautiful open spaces in addition to our bustling neighborhoods. In recent years we have been in a dialogue about the future of those open spaces – of our farms, parks, and green areas.

As Mayor, I will strive for achieving and maintaining a balance between all competing interests. I will encourage creative thinking around preserving and protecting the wealth of open spaces we currently enjoy – while exploring with
our land and farm owners all viable approaches to becoming and remaining competitive and prosperous.

Working with our Parks and Recreation Department, we will bring new opportunities for our families to thrive. Whether it is a splash pad for our littles ones, a dog park for our “best friends,” or a green pocket park for our densely settled neighborhoods, we will look at how we can improve our green spaces and ensure equity and access to these spaces across town.


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: Phone: 508-315-7176

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