Horrigan Announces Write-In Campaign For Mayor

FRAMINGHAM – Early this morning, just after midnight, Joshua P. Horrigan announced he will be a write-in candidate for mayor on the November 7 ballot.

Horrigan finished third in the preliminary election with 545 votes.

“It is going to be a tough battle,” said Horrigan in his announcement.

The two candidates with the most votes out of a field of seven in the Sept. 26 preliminary election automatically moved on to the November 7 ballot.

Yvonne Spicer finished first with 5964 and John Stefanini was second with 3,184.

Horrigan’s slogan is the People’s Champ.

“When we started this endeavor, it wasn’t for some sort of political ambition, some type of opportunity or a job,” said Horrigan in a video he released today, October 9. “It was because we have seen the same ugly political cycle play out time and time again, over and over. Pitting person against person, leaving us both dissatisfied. It is time to put an end to that cycle. And, I believe the time is now. I am not going to settle, and watch, as Framingham fights over two sides of the same coin, and the lesser of two evil conversations, when I know, there is enough of us to make a difference.”

“It is a fight that might get hard, but it is a fight we can win,” said Horrigan. “I know we can win because there is almost 40,000 registered voters in Framingham, and less than 11,000 participated in the preliminary election.”

In 2016, 70 percent of the registered voters participated in the presidential election. Less than 30 percent, participated on Sept. 26.

“What that means to me, is that there is enough people in our community, enough good people in our community, that can stand up and make their voices count,” said Horrigan this morning. “We can fight. We can make a difference.”

Horrigan compares himself to a champion, who keeps getting up while he is fighting.

“Framingham, I’m still here. And I’m still fighting,” said Horrigan.

He urged voters “to pay attention” and “to not be apathetic.”

He is asking voters to “write in Horrigan for the win.”



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