6th Grade Flyers Shut Out Milton 24-0

By Daniel Keefe and Max Stevelman

MILTON – After a productive week of practice, Framingham’s 6th grade team was ready to play.

The fields were wet, the balls were slippery, and the wind was strong, a great day for football.

Framingham started out strong with two carries by Will Claude followed by a deep pass to Tyler King. Going back to the ground game, Framingham gave the ball back to Claude, who ran it in for his first touchdown of the season. Framingham took an early lead of 6-0 and never looked back.

Milton had the ball and was immediately stopped by Framingham’s defense. A bad snap on Milton’s part, followed by tackles made by Jacob Fritz and Ben Lincoln. Milton was forced to kick but an error on Framingham’s part gave the ball right back to Milton; the defense held them to 4 and out, but Framingham also went four and out.

Milton needed to get something going but immediately fumbled and Daniel Keefe made the recovery giving Framingham another shot on the field. Framingham managed to drive all the way down the field but did not score. Framingham’s defense then stopped Milton on fourth down. Framingham immediately fumbled, but so did Milton, and Framingham’s Henry Goldberg recovered it.

Framingham then threw an interception, giving Milton another shot. Milton was struggling with the rain and the snap went over the quarterback’s head and Framingham’s David Damon recovered his first fumble of the day.

Framingham’s first drive of the second half, Claude ran for 35 yards, running inside, outside, breaking tackles; he was unstoppable. Framingham was on Milton’s 10, and Max Stevelman threw an endzone fade to Tyler King for a touchdown followed by a perfect field goal by Caiden Whitney, making the score 14-0.

Framingham tried an onside kick to Milton, and they got a big taste of a Goldberg sandwich. Henry Goldberg came diving in hitting the ball back to his brother Mitch, giving Framingham’s offense the ball. Framingham and Milton went back and forth with fumbles, and Milton again fumbled with David Damon coming up with the ball for his second fumble recovery of the day. Damon would end up with three fumble recoveries before the end of the game.

Framingham wanted something big, Stevelman threw a 25 yard bomb to Tyler King who then ran another 15 yards to put them on the 15 yard line. Unfortunately, the next play he threw an interception giving Milton another shot.

Another bad snap by Milton caused it to go into the endzone and Henry Goldberg touched it before it went out of bounds to cause a safety. Framingham and Milton were not productive at this point, Milton threw an interception to Framingham’s Max Stevelman to give Framingham another opportunity to score. They did not, turning it over on fourth down. A couple of drives later, a hand off from Framingham’s Nick Andersen to Yeandial Cora sealed the game with a 45-yard touchdown.

With the extra point, the final score was 24-0.

Framingham had a great week of preparation achieving their fourth win of the season against Milton for their best offensive and defensive showing of the year.

Flyers have a bye week and then will host Weymouth on October 22.


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