UPDATED: 5th Grade Flyers Defeat Wildcats 12-0

By Matheus Silva

 MILTON – The 5th grade Framingham youth football team defeated Milton on the road Sunday.

Despite the rain, the junior Flyers defeated the Milton Wildcats 12-0.

In the first half nothing much happened except our quarterback fumbled and they got it and ran all the way to the 5-yard line. but then are defense stopped them then we dived down the field and then that was end of the half 0-0.

At halftime the coach was telling us to hustle more and do more work so then Matheus #87 scored a touchdown.

Then, we stopped them by making them fumble 3 times – Griffen #40,Griffen #40 and calvin #11.

Then, we got the ball and Matheus scored one more time to give Framingham a 12-0 lead.


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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