LETTER: Goldstein Has ‘Experience in the Field of Special Education’

I know Sheryl Goldstein personally. I am writing to show my support for her campaign and highlight some of the reasons why I believe she should have your vote for school committee this Fall.

Sheryl and I became friends a few years ago but I knew of her before we were formally introduced through the Framingham Special Education Parent Advisory Council. She serves as the co-chair of this committee. In addition, she is a member of Decoding Dyslexia of MA and an advocate for all children struggling with learning disabilities.

She has pertinent work experience in the field of special education. More importantly, she is a parent advocate for her own child.

I’ve been a Framingham resident for 11 years. I have two daughters of my own that attend Framingham Public Schools. Both are served by IEP’s. Over the years, I have struggled with communication and understanding my rights. Communication can bridge that gap. Sheryl is facilitating a webinar discussion; Family Perspective’s on Special Education. The event is scheduled in October and the purpose is to open a dialogue. If we are looking to make improvements with education, it starts with conversation that our community is a part of. If Sheryl secures this position, I feel like we will have a representative working on our behalf to keep that conversation going.

Sheryl has a number of personal strengths; she’s involved, diligent, creative and organized. I have observed this from her many years of service on F-SEPAC. Beyond that, she has exceptional soft skills. Being able to work well with people is essential for this position. She is comfortable, empathetic and engaging. She is very easy to talk to regardless of the topic.

When you are conversing with Sheryl, she is actively listening. She isn’t the first to offer advise or give an opinion. Rather she takes time to ask questions and digest the information before she responds. She’s objective and has great respect for people who have an opinion that is different from her own.

At the core, she wants to improve education for all children. If you have an idea that she hasn’t considered, she wants to hear about it.

Some of the closest friendships I have developed in the last decade have been with the parents of my young children’s friends. I am happy to know Sheryl. She is a good friend and it is a privilege to write this letter on her behalf. I hope you will look favorably on her when you cast your ballot November 7.


Leslie Varley


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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