Wellesley Shuts Out 6th Grade Flyers

By Daniel Keefe and Max Stevelman

FRAMINGHAM – What started out as a brisk, chilly morning turned into a beautiful day for a football game.

Wellesley remains undefeated since 2015 as Framingham takes the field.

Wellesley started out strong and scored an early touchdown and extra 2 to go ahead 8-0.



Framingham’s offense came out strong knowing they needed to get down the field. They picked up some good yardage thanks to running backs Will Claude and Yeandiel Cora.

Framingham managed to get into the redzone, but an incomplete pass gave Wellesley back the ball.

Wellesley then marched down the field all the way to the red zone. Framingham wasn’t willing to let up a score; Wellesley fumbled on the goal line, and their next possession, went four and out to give Framingham two more chances to score before the half. Framingham was unable to do so.

Framingham’s Will Claude received the quick pass, broke a tackle, recovered from a stumble and managing to picked up 4 yards. During Wellesley’s possession, Framingham’s safety, Joey Trainer, sprinted down field, tackling their carrier to save a touchdown.

Framingham’s Tyler King had a great 20 yard catch for his first reception of the year.

Framingham’s offense though could not get past the Wellesley defense.

Wellesley was able to come back and scored again, this time using Framingham’s own flea flicker, but against them. They “made” the field goal to make it 16-0.

Although the Flyers were not able to defeat Wellesley, the fact that they held them to only 2 touchdowns was enough.



Photo from a previous game this season.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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