Framingham Third Graders Learn Science and Math While Giving Back to the Community

FRAMINGHAM – Using apples picked from the elementary school’s courtyard, third grade students combined science, cooking, and math into a delicious community service project.

Potter Road Elementary third graders in Emma Nicolazzo’s classroom became scientists as they made predictions, followed step-by-step instructions, measured precisely, and mixed ingredients to create apple pies.

The students cooperatively made plans for pie crust designs and observed how the pies looked both before and after baking in the lunchroom ovens.

After the pies baked for 40 minutes, students hypothesized on why the changes happened in each pie.

“We really used our science and math brains,” wrote Mrs. Nicolazzo, who dropped the pies off at Framingham’s Miracle Kitchen, a volunteer service that provides weekly hot meals to those in need.

“The Miracle Kitchen was super excited to share these delicious “experiments” with the community,” she wrote on her webpage.


Photos courtesy of Potter Road Elementary

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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