UPDATED: Ottaviani, Rossi Win in District 6 Council Race

FRAMINGHAM – Framingham Zoning Board of Appeals Chair Phil Ottaviani Jr. and Keefe Technical School Committee member Michael Rossi advanced to the November 7 ballot over two political newcomers in Tuesday’s election.

Ottaviani received the most votes with 478. Rossi finished second with 415 votes.

“I am truly humbled to be moving on,” said Ottaviani to Source. “I want to thank the voters of District 6 for giving me the opportunity to advance to the November election.”

There were four names on the ballot for voters to choose from yesterday. The two with the most voter yesterday now will face off on November 7, with one to be elected the district’s first city councilor.

“I want to also congratulate all the candidates in District 6 for running a very positive campaign and for the spirited debate on the issues facing our community,” said Ottaviani.

District 6 is comprised of Precincts 10 and 11.

Yesterday, Precinct 11 tied Precinct 4 with highest voter turnout at 36 percent. However, Precinct 11 had the most voters of the 18 Precincts with 1,045.

Scott Ellinwood received 193 votes yesterday finishing third, and Brian Dorfman finished fourth with 169 votes. There were 50 blanks.

Ottaviani won Precinct 10 with 120 votes.

Rossi finished second in that precinct with 51 votes. Dorfman was third with 50 votes.

In Precinct 11, Rossi won with 364 votes.

Ottaviani was second with 358 votes. Ellinwood was third with 172 votes.

Source ran profiles and a Q&A with each candidate this month, read more about Rossi and Ottaviani below.


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