Framingham Company Hosting 2017 Global CESI-MS Symposium in Boston

This SCIEX event brings together key opinion leaders and industry innovators from around the world to present their latest advancements made through the adoption of CESI-MS technology.

FRAMINGHAM – SCIEX, a life science analytical technologies company, announced the program for the 2017 Global CESI-MS Symposium, Oct. 5 and 6 to be held at Barnett Institute, Northeastern University in Boston.

his year’s two-day session will be hosted by Dr. Alexander Ivanov from the Barnett Institute and will feature presentations and live Q&A’s in Biopharmaceutical characterization – including MS identification of intact protein charge variants, Proteomics – with a focus on native analysis of intact proteins & Post Translational Modifications (PTM) analysis, Metabolomics – addressing the challenges of charged & polar compounds, and Novel and Advanced Market Applications. Additional session chairs at the 2017 Global CESI-MS Symposium include:

  • Professor Jennifer Van Eyk, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Profiling B-Type Natriuretic Peptide Cleavage Peptidoforms in Human Plasma by Capillary Electrophoresis with Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry
  • Professor John Yates III, The Scripps Research Institute, Comprehensive Analysis of HIV Glycosylation By Capillary Electrophoresis Separation and Ultraviolet Photodissociation
  • Dr. Spencer Walse, USDA, Applications of CESI-MS to Analytical Challenges in Agriculture

Only SCIEX CESI-MS technology allows researchers to reach beyond what can be achieved with traditional technologies to further advance challenging applications in biopharmaceutical, proteomics and metabolomics research, and applied markets testing. This flexible technology platform enables stand-alone CE analysis or pairing with a mass spectrometer (MS) now or in the future, an analysis function sought after by growing contract research organizations (CROs).

CESI-MS is used by biopharmaceutical leaders for the characterization of biologics such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) for Intact mAb charge variant analysis, disulfide bond mapping, (glyco) peptide mapping, and for the identification of post-translational modifications. CESI coupled with high-resolution, high-speed MS helps provide complete biotherapeutic sequence coverage, plus identify relevant PTMs (in intact or digested format), even when present at low abundance.

“The CESI technology is highly versatile, allowing both multiple modes of separation for proteins, antibodies, glycans, etc., as a standalone CE instrument, and it can directly interface with a mass spectrometer, which can enable deeper insights via further MS/MS analysis of the analytes separated by the CE technology,” said Min Zhao, Ph.D., Director, Analytical Services Biologic Product – CMC Services at Frontage. “When we are establishing the new biologics laboratory, we will depend on the CESI 8000 Plus to provide not only traditional CE based methods, such as CE-SDS, cIEF and glycan analysis, but can also to utilize it as a state of the art CESI-MS/MS tool. In the next few years, we will use the CESI technology to support release and stability testing, and studies for reference standard qualification, forced degradation, comparability, and biosimilarity assessments for our clients’ biologic products, such as cytokines, antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, and protein vaccines, etc., in CMC services.”

“The SCIEX TripleTOF™ 6600 MS with the CESI interface enables researchers to acquire all levels of data simultaneously,” said Jeff Chapman, Senior Director of the CE business at SCIEX. “What traditionally has taken three or four experiments for sequence identification, PTMs, and glycan analysis, researchers can now achieve in just a single injection. The 2017 Global CESI-MS Symposium will focus on the additional breakthroughs that CESI is enabling researchers to experience.”

To learn from industry leaders and solve separation challenges register here: 2017 Global CESI-MS Symposium, Boston, MA U.S.A.

SCIEX is based in Framingham.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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