Team Framingham Soliciting Applications From Charities For 2018

FRAMINGHAM – The Boston Athletic Association provides the Town of Framingham with 20 – 25 invitational Boston Marathon entries due to our “host community” status.

In 2014, the Team Framingham program was established with two major goals:
• To provide town residents and town and school employees with an opportunity to participate in the Boston Marathon.
• Provide locally based charities an opportunity to benefit from fundraising associated with the invitational entries.

Since inception, the Team Framingham program has raised $269,000 for local charities.

As a result of the program’s success and increased interest on the part by local charities, the Board of Selectmen reviewed the existing charity selection process
and outlined a new process for Team Framingham 2018 charity selection.

The 2018 charity selection process will culminate with charities selected in a random drawing from a pool of all qualified charity applications received.

Charity applications will be accepted between 9/20/17 and 11/1/17.

The random drawing for charity selection will be scheduled to coincide with the overall Team Framingham program timeline.

The number of selected charities is set at 25 percent of the Boston Athletic Association invitational Boston Marathon entries received from the

Charity Qualification Guidelines
• Registered 501(c)(3).
• Not religious-based or political organizations.
• Have a Framingham location and provide services to Framingham residents and Framingham organizations.
• Have an online fundraising platform with the ability to segregate Team Framingham Funds.
• Provide fundraising and training support for their respective runners.
• Attend a minimum of three (3) onsite informational meetings in support of the Team Framingham program.
***Prospective charities must meet all program requirements prior to submitting an application.

Partial applications will not be considered.***

Random Selection Process

• The random charity selection process will be conducted by the Board of Selectmen or their designee.

• Each qualified charity will be assigned a number on a spreadsheet based on the order in which their application
was approved.

• The spreadsheet number associated with each qualified charity will be placed in a container. Numbers will be drawn one at a time from this container until the number of charities randomly selected is equal to 25% of the total invitational entries received.

Less than whole numbers will be rounded down for the purposes of determining the 25% threshold.

Using the 2017 quantity of 22 B.A.A. Invitational Entries as an example, there would be five (5) qualified charities selected via random drawing.

Runner Selection Process

Following the random selection process for Team Framingham runners, each runner will select one charity from the list of randomly selected charities and conduct their fundraising efforts on behalf of that charity.

Team Framingham runner applications will be available on October 2 at

That application period will run from 10/2/17 through 11/27/17.

There is no guarantee that a randomly selected charity will also have runners raising funds.

It is incumbent upon the charities to remain engaged with the Team Framingham program, as well as to engage selected runners and encourage their participation on behalf of their respective charity.

For any questions or assistance, please contact the assistant town manager, James Duane at (508) 532-5404 or email him at

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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