If You Live in District 1: You Will Vote on Sept. 26 for Mayor, At-Large Councilor, and District Councilor

FRAMINGHAM – If you live in District 1, comprised of Precincts 1 and 2you,  will vote for mayor, at-large councilor and district councilor candidates on Tuesday, Sept 26.

There will be seven mayoral candidates on the ballot. You will pick one. The two individuals with the most votes will be listed on the November 7 ballot.

There will be five candidates for at-large city councilor. You will vote for two. The four individuals with the most votes will be listed on the November 7 ballot.

In November, the two individuals with the most votes will be elected.

Voters in District 1 will see four names on the ballot for district 1 councilor.

They are Heather-Celeste Bachman, Gerald Bloomfield, Joseph Norton and Charlie Sisitsky.

Editor’s Note: Bachman did not respond to the request to answer questions from Framingham Source. Bloomfield and Sisitsky only answered some questions.

The profiles are listed below as they will appear on the ballot.

The two individuals with the most votes on Sept. 26 will appear on the November 7. ballot.

There will be no School Committee candidates on the Sept. 26 ballot. But on the November ballot, district residents will see two choices.

They are  Beverly Hugo and  Jim Kelly 

Framingham Source will do profiles and a Q&A with each before November 7.

In conjunction with Framingham TWPTO, Source is holding a School Committee forum on Monday, October 30 at Fuller Middle School.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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