LETTER: ‘I Do Not Simply Accept Status Quo Strategies’ For Framingham Schools

Dear Framingham Constituents, in particular those that reside in District 3:

I have had a chance to reflect on our Candidates Forum from September 7, and wanted to take a minute to share some messaging that didn’t come across that evening.

Equally as important as having “hands on” experience working with the budget is having “hands on” experience working with families on the heart of the issues; that is what differentiates me from my opponent.  I have served as the co-chair of the Framingham Special Education Advisory Council (FSEPAC) for the past three years.

In addition, I am an active member of a grassroots group Decoding Dyslexia of Massachusetts which advocates for early literacy screening in our public schools, and an advisor to Framingham State University.

Through these experiences I’ve been able to see the bigger picture, develop a strong knowledge of working with parents and guardians who have children with differentiated learning styles, and listen to the needs of families around town.

Many of our families are concerned about our level 3 status and are surprised at the costs and inefficiencies of how our district has been operating thus far.

I am equally as concerned about this as both a resident of Framingham and as a parent with a child in one of the schools that is effected by our Level 3 designation.

I want to make it clear that I do not simply accept status quo strategies such as DSAC (District and School Assistance Centers) as our sole solution of solving a host of issues our district faces.  Disappointingly enough, DSAC has been working with the district since 2010, and we have seen little to no change as a result.

I had no knowledge of their involvement in our district and neither did any current member of the Framingham School Committee as they were all caught off guard at the School Committee meeting which occurred on 9/5/17.

I have a proven track record of asking questions, finding creative outcomes and creating positive change!

As a parent of a child utilizing our special education services I have grown accustom to this in my many years of working with our public school system.  Question, Question, and Question!

If you are looking for broad, encompassing and positive change, a fresh viewpoint and someone who is not afraid to ask questions they should look to me. Sheryl G. District 3!


All the best,

Sheryl L. Goldstein

Candidate for School Committee – District 3



Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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