LETTER: Former TWPTO President Endorses Goldstein For Framingham School Committee

Sheryl Goldstein and I met 10 years ago when our children were in nursery school together.

Today I am writing to show my support for Sheryl’s campaign and why I believe she would be a good addition to the new school committee being voted on this Fall.

I have witnessed Sheryl wear many hats: mother, wife, friend, fundraiser, philanthropist, volunteer, but my favorite is advocate. An advocate for whom you might be asking. An advocate for children with disabilities, but primarily those with language based disabilities, such as Dyslexia. Sheryl is not only active on the local level with F-SEPAC and PTO, but she is also active on the state and national level as well.

Where does this passion come from? It started at home with a child who was struggling to read, and eventually was diagnosed with being Dyslexic. This is also a passion that Sheryl shares often and willingly. When I had questions about my son’s IEP and some other special educational issues, I reached out to Sheryl for some advice. Now, not all of it applied to my son’s situation, but I was able to take information from our conversation and use it to help my son receive the services he needed. Sheryl listened to my issues, what I felt my son should be doing versus what he was actually doing. She listened as I explained my frustrations regarding
accommodations for state mandated testing that would never apply to my son because his disability wasn’t “bad enough”, but yet he still needed some kind of assistance. We didn’t solve all the problems, but being able to sit down with someone who understood my frustrations and talk it through helped.

How do I believe Sheryl Goldstein will help our community if she is elected to the School Committee? She will be your advocate. She will be an advocate for your children. She will be the voice of knowledge, compassion, an authority. Knowledge of who in the organization of the Framingham Schools should be dealing with specific issues, as well as knowledge of how to approach those issues. Compassion for the frustrations parents feel when they don’t believe they are being heard by the schools or the administrators. Authority on what our schools should be doing to help all of our children succeed, not just those with disabilities.

Sheryl Goldstein will walk tall, speak softly and carry a big stick for her district and for Framingham. She will walk with authority, speak with authority, knowledge and compassion, and take the appropriate steps needed to help our children succeed, our teachers succeed, and our administrators succeed.


Beth Adler

Past Co-President TWPTO


Editor’s Note: Goldstein is one of two candidates for School Committee in District 3. No School Committee races will appear on the Sept. 26 ballot. Voters will elect nine School Committee members by district on November 7 for the new City of Framingham.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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