UPDATED: 4 High School Girls Invited To State House After Creating An App

MARLBOROUGH –  Four young women from the STEM Early College High School in Marlborough were asked to create an app for the MetroWest Conference for Women.

Kelley French, Director of PSW Youth Careers, sits on the conference board. At the initial meeting called by Jen Maseda, the organization’s founder and president, board members discussed ideas for the conference agenda and logistics.

French suggested an app for the conference. While the suggestion generated genuine enthusiasm, there were no funds to make it happen.

Undaunted, French contacted Brian Geisel of Geisel Software, an app creation company she had worked with in the past.

The vision for the App was comprehensive.

French wanted to know if Geisel thought it was a project STEM students from Marlborough High would be capable of creating the app.

If the answer was yes, was he willing to support the project and mentor the students? The answer was YES!

So, Team Geisel-PSW was created!

Each student worked approximately 240 hours to complete the app, nearly 1,000 hours total this summer.

Liz Couture from Geisel Software mentored the students and said, “These young women had me in awe!  They were dedicated, enthusiastic, and willing to learn a great deal to create a professional conference app.”

September 14 arrived and it was time for the MetroWest Conference for Women.

The girls, their teacher and PSW, Inc. were on hand to help 550 participants download the app.

The comprehensive app included the conference schedule, workshop descriptions, the exhibitors and sponsors.

Participants customized their day and provided feedback about their conference experience via a survey.

The app was a hit.

Maseda recognized the girls at the podium for their amazing work, yesterday.

They were Michelle Nie, Cyra Katoch, Flo Ng, and Alyssa O’Leary.

Later, they met with Massachusetts Lt. Governor Karyn Polito who is an advocate promoting women in STEM careers.

When the Lt. Governor went to the podium, she too recognized these young women and invited them to the State House to speak in front of the STEM Advisory Council.

Download the app at the app store for free: MetroWest Conference for Women 

Example of the lines of the code by the students.


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