Devin Suau Still Needs A Miracle

FRAMINGHAM – Devin Suau still needs a miracle.

The 6-year-old Framingham boy is battling DIPG, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, that has no cure, at this time. His family started the hashtag #WHYNOTDEVIN to bring awareness to the disease and the hope that Devin will be the first to defeat it.

This summer, the family started travelling to London for treatment,but today, Sept. 13, Devin’s mom said that “treatment didn’t work the way we prayed.”

“Devin has an aggressive monster in his head,” wrote Christine on the Facebook page #WhyNotDevin.

“I am beyond angry, shattered, and in disbelief. Why is this happening? My baby hasn’t even lost a tooth yet. Hasn’t finished a full year of elementary school. Hasn’t had a chance to make 1% of the memories he should with his 3 older brothers. Yet here we are fighting like hell for his life,” wrote Christine, who told Source we could share her post with the community.

Christine’s mom died, after a courageous battle against breast cancer.

My mom said when writing her own story “it is now time to pull out the big guns.”

“I thought the CED treatment in London was the big guns. But obviously not big enough. We will meet with the team in Boston later this week to see what options we might have. Those options come with very big risks. This is our son’s brain. We are trying the best guess at killing this monster in his brain. How can this be? Why isn’t there the best plan for saving my son’s life? So here is what I am going to try to think. My mom lost her long hard courageous battle on October 27 to breast cancer. Devin changed October 27 when he was born 5 years later. My mom tried the risky option and failed. Maybe he will try the risky option and win. Maybe he is here to change the course. Maybe the risk is the very thing needed to change the course of this horrible disease.  Please keep praying. We need them now more than ever,” wrote Christine this morning.

Sunday, the inaugural Devin’s Dash will be held in Framingham. The 5K event is a fundraiser for the Suau family. The event is capped at 1,000 entrants and was at more than 950 last night. For more information click here.

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