LETTER: Mayoral Write-In Candidate Not Allowed To Participate in League’s Candidates Forum

After having been extended an invitation to yesterday’s League of Women Voter’s sponsored debate, write in candidate Scott Liftman was denied the opportunity to take to the stage.
“I was told by the president upon arrival yesterday that only candidates who will be on the ballot are able to participate.”
“It’s very disappointed to me that I will not be afforded the opportunity to answer questions and challenge the ideas of the other candidates. As a write-in candidate who campaigned and collected signatures like the others in the field, I feel slighted in being uninvited to attend this event and view this as flying in the face of the democratic process.  After all, it’s not without precedent that a write-in candidate has overcome the odds and actually won a local election.”
This would have been my statement yesterday:
“Although not on the upcoming ballot, I urge you to write me in as your choice for mayor.  I’m the only candidate who will fight for the restoration of middle class values and institutions that are ever increasingly disappearing from the political and social landscape of Framingham.  I will help transform a town from its current state of socio-economic disparity between its north and south sides to a modern city that prides itself on expanded opportunity for all its residents.  My intention is to transform the downtown into a hub of commerce, industry, and culture, as gone will be the days of vacant and dilapidated lots, boarded up manufacturing plants and unsafe streets.  My commitment will be to provide residents of all backgrounds plentiful job opportunities, affordable housing, lower taxes, and unparalleled schools, as we strive to achieving the common goal of making Framingham once again the preeminent place to live and work in our state.  I’d like to thank the Framingham Source and Susan Petroni for allowing me to reach out to all of you for a final time.”
Many thanks,
Scott Liftman
Write-in Candidate
Mayor of Framingham

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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