Framingham Council Candidate Volunteers To Help Hurricane Irma Victims

FRAMINGHAM – On Saturday afternoon, one after another the district council candidates spoke for 45 seconds during the League of Women Voters, Framingham Chapter’s candidates forum.

One candidate missing was Edgardo Torres.

The District 9 City Council candidate was miles away helping those dealing with Hurricane Irma.

On Tuesday, Torres left Framingham to secure his grandmothers’ home in Puerto Rico.

Torres is a Red Cross volunteer, too, and since he was in the area, he was asked to help with the Puerto Rico chapter of the American Red Cross.

He then got activated to go to St Croix to assist with the damages there and  was actually scheduled to be on St Thomas on the day of the candidates’ forum.

Torres was interviewed by the local news station in Puerto Rico WAPA TV.  

When asked why he wasn’t at the forum Torres told Ronda Andrews, a Town Meeting member, “I wish I could add more details and give you a full explanation,  but the service is limited here in power so I have a low battery.”

While in St. Thomas, where the island has no power or hotels, he will be sleeping in a tent or in a shelter sleeping on cot, while helping those recovering from Hurricane Irma.

Several Town Meeting members from District 9 had asked to read a statement from Torres at the League of Women Voters on Saturday afternoon, but were told that was not allowed.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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