LaBarge Running For City Councilor in District 9

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Hello: I am running for Council District 9. I have been a Town Meeting Member representing Precinct 16 since 2004. With the exception of June 2008 Special Town Meeting, I have attended every Town Meeting including Special Town Meeting from beginning to adjournment representing South Framingham. (47)

I will not make promises just to get myself elected for I just simply can’t keep them. I do want to see that Framingham, including South Framingham gets economic justice, environmental justice, and educational justice without shortchanging other aspects of Framingham. (41)

In this district, we have a great diversity of people in regard to ethnic backgrounds, languages, culture, etc. which enrich Framingham itself. I want to see that all people not only get a fair shake in life, I want to see that all can succeed. (45)

I will ask hard question. If I get an answer that is an A+ answer to my hard question, that will get my noggin thinking and perhaps get me to reconsider my positions, otherwise, answer may not work to the benefit to the one whom I asked the question to. (50)

If you believe that we should vote against the ESL program because you perceive that those using the ESL program are in this country in violation of the Federal Immigration Law, or you believe that we should oppose projects that are to serve various underserved people, then I am not your candidate. We do need to be legal, lawful, proper, and most importantly of all, must be right and just. We need to be honest in doing our research on the subject matter instead of letting our emotion mislead us in making the wrong decision. (95)

I am one who believe that politic must never overrule common sense and professionalism when it comes to professionals managing and operating the various infrastructures and aspects of our Town soon to be a City. We must be responsible with our decisions and for our decisions. Not only do we have to prepare for urbanization, we have to manage it so the urbanization does not become detrimental to Framingham in any shape or form. I also like to see our roadways be retooled so it can move massive amount of traffic efficiently so it won’t take an excessive amount of time to drive from Point A to Point B. (109)

I want our new City Government to get a good start by electing the right set of people to govern Framingham. With this, I ask you to vote for the one you believe will be best for Framingham and the district you live in. If you do live in District 9, I do hope you consider voting for me so I can be there in the City Council representing Framingham, South Framingham, and especially District 9. In any case, I do owe it to you, the voters, to offer my candidacy as a choice available on the ballot. (108)

Thank you,

William J LaBarge

Candidate for District 9 Councilor

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: Phone: 508-315-7176

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