Sousa Announces Campaign To Be Framingham’s First Mayor

The following is an announcement submitted by the candidate, per the Framingham Source election policy. As per the policy, the statement is published below as submitted.


My name is Priscila Sousa and I am running for mayor. While I have had plenty of exposure to politics as a Political Science graduate, a current Human Relations Commissioner in Framingham, former Assistant Director on a national campaign, working for Senator Barbara L’Italien during her tenure as State Representative and Vice Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, etc.

I am a also seasoned professional with a wealth of experience to bring to municipal leadership. As a former Regional Training Program Coordinator for all of New England in a Fortune 500 firm I acquired large scale experience with over 150 Financial Representatives and almost 250 interns entering successful careers. In management within the services industry I became well versed on feasibility and cost effectiveness at job sites when assessing and negotiating industrial projects.

On a smaller scale, I had the opportunity, through local law firms, to help community members face tough legal hurdles and learned the present day concerns of our communities’ most vulnerable families.

The new mayor will appoint roughly 160 positions – you need a mayor with a good sense of character who can quickly identify strengths without institutional prejudice.

As your mayor, my administration’s projects will include:

● Investing in the city’s future by ensuring education is well funded;

● Prioritizing sustainability in current projects and pursuing green alternatives;

● Providing greater support for business owners and re-evaluating bureaucracy;

● Providing adequate public safety support and fostering positive relationships between departments and the community;

● Working with individual neighborhoods on projects that consider residents’ needs and preserving the integrity of the areas;

● Creating more opportunities for public interaction with local government to hold government accountable between elections;

● Forging stronger relationships between the municipal government and organizations such as Framingham Downtown Renaissance to enable a thriving local economy; and

● Encouraging municipal pride and make Framingham feel like home to families, old and new.

With Framingham tax rates among the highest in the commonwealth, it is our new elected officials’ duty to guarantee responsible and efficient use of funds.

Framingham has a rich history of thriving in tremendous odds because of its people.

Our community is our richest resource and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. While such adversities are no longer at our doorstep, I look to our best resource to take us through this transition. I believe in the future of this city and that long as you are in this community with a voice, we will be just fine.

I am running because I am passionate about creating a city government where no voice is neglected. I am running because I believe the first step in creating solutions to our problems is to hear from those affected and not make assumptions. In my administration there will always be a place for you and your voice. As your mayor I will ALWAYS be your ally because your voice matters! Your voice will LEAD FRAMINGHAM!

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: Phone: 508-315-7176

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