PHOTOS: Pirates Win World Series

FRAMINGHAM – The Pirates won the best of a 3-game series to take the World Series title.

Game 1 was postponed mid-game due to pouring rain, with the Marlins up 5-1.

Game 2 started with the conclusion of Game 1.

Pirates rallied back in the second part of Game 1, but couldn’t hold off the Marlins.

In game 2 the power shifted, the Marlins did put up some points in the beginning, but by mid-game there was a 20-plus point Pirates lead.

Pirates won game 2.

The boys met for the conclusion of the World Series at Carter field on Wednesday night.

Both teams played very strong, had great hits, but the Pirates took control of the lead, never to give it up again.

Game 3 was decided in the top of the 6th inning, as the Pirates hosted the Marlins.

In the end the Pirates came out with a win, to clinch the World Series title.

They had a trophy ceremony at home plate, the kids dumped water on coach Todd, as a sign of respect and bit of comedy.


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