LETTER: Current Vacant Plazas And Abandoned Buildings in Framingham Truly Pose a Challenge To Our Community

Dear Residents of Framingham,

The current vacant plazas and abandoned buildings in Framingham truly pose a challenge to our community, but in it lies opportunity. They pose an opportunity for the development of mixed-use housing developments, additional retail space for our entrepreneurial community, and an opportunity for Framingham to explore additional development opportunities by re-purposing structures we already have. It is an opportunity for us to take a step in the direction of eliminating wastefulness and show leadership in the MetroWest once again as an innovative community.

Working with the owners of Nobscot Plaza, Mount Wayte Plaza, and other empty properties will be an exciting challenge for the incoming mayor, and I am eager to work with them. It is of utmost importance that community concerns continue to be heard throughout this process and that sustainability be a priority in these developments.

This past Thursday Baystone presented a project for the abandoned Mount Wayte Plaza lot that will depend on a zoning variance for residential development.

With 240 units and a restaurant planned for the area, both the Planning Board and members of the Mount Wayte neighborhood expressed excitement about a potential solution with some concern about density. Unlike the Nobscot presentation made a number of months ago, there is a substantially smaller mixed-use component to this development proposal.

As your mayoral candidate, I welcome questions, concerns, and ideas from the community, especially those from the communities most affected by these properties. It is my sincere belief that, while there is a responsibility on the upcoming mayor to facilitate solutions, the voice of the people should be the ultimate decision-making guide. We may be limited by financial and logistical concerns at times, but it is important for our new city government to never forget that the safety and quality of life of our citizens and their families are at stake. I restate my commitment to always being a listening ear and an ally in the fight to improve upon our beloved new city.

Thank you for staying engaged, Mr. Velardo! 


Priscila Sousa 

Candidate for Mayor of Framingham

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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