YOU ARE SPECIAL: Michael Fenton – BLOCKS Preschool

Editor’s Note: This is one in a series of reports on the 2017 You Are Special award winners from the 25th Annual Salute To Framingham. The report below was written by the building principal. Photo by Petroni Media Company.

For our youngest children with some of the most significant challenges at the BLOCKS Pre-school, Mike Fenton is their hero!

His connection with his students and families is extraordinary….he understands them, supports them and works with them as if they were family.

Mike only sees what children CAN do and never gives up on them…..EVER.

Families rely on Mike’s knowledge and expertise and know that Mike believes in and advocates for each child entrusted in his care.

Many times, Mike is the reason these families are willing to let their very fragile child come to school.

Generous, kind, respectful, patient, positive, energetic and witty are just a few of Mike’s many qualities. Children ADORE him!

Mike has that special knack for finding the personality in every child and using it to their advantage. He truly captures who each child is, highlights what they can do, and with Mike’s support…..makes it happen!

No matter what the challenges, Mike finds a solution and fully includes his students in ALL school activities.

As a colleague, Mike Fenton is a gift! His colleagues respect him, truly enjoy working with him and always learn from him. He has taught us as much, if not more than he has taught his students.

One only needs to pass Mike and his students smiling in the hallway to see why BLOCKS students, staff and families are delighted to be honoring him this year!


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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