UPDATED: Christa McAuliffe Student Wins Bag Design Contest

FRAMINGHAM  – A Christa McAuliffe Charter School student won the “Bring Your Own Bag” Design contest.

The Framingham Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) team and the Town of Framingham invited middle and high school students to design a logo for the new BYOB Bylaw.

The design needed to include “Bring Your Own Bag” and have at least 3 colors including the color green.

In May 2016, Town Meeting approved a bring your own bag bylaw for the Town of Framingham. It will start in 2018.

The winner was Jonathan DeAndrade. a sixth grader at the charter school. He received a $50 gift card from Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

“We chose this logo as our winner because of its creative cartoon and graphic elements. We like that Jonathan incorporated a hand holding a bag. We think this will help remind people to bring their own bags when going shopping,” said the BYOB team.

Editor’s Note: The winning design is pictured.

Second place went to Samantha Steenbruggen, another sixth grade students at the Christa McAuliffe Charter School. She received a $30 gift card from Panera Bread.

“We love the beautiful drawn vegetables and paper bag and the stop sign as a reminder to bring your bag when going shopping,” said BYOB team.

Third place was awarded to Keefe Technical 11th grader Isaiah Vazquez. He received a $20 gift card from Target.

“We liked very much the simplicity of this logo and the clean use of blues and greens to convey the message,” said the BYOB team.Honorable mentions were awarded to:

  • Dariana Lascano, a Fuller Middle grade 8 student. She received a $10 gift card from Starbucks
    “We liked that she used the globe as the main graphic element and the words: Save the World One Bag at a Time.”
  • Kassandra Tiburcio, a Keefe tech 11th grader. She received a $10 gift card from B Sisters Cafe.
    “We liked that Kassandra incorporated a shopping cart next to a bag. We loved the simplicity and the use of soft blues and greens too.”
  • Leyla Burgos, a grade six student at the Christa McAuliffe Charter. She received a $10 gift card from Ben and Jerry.
    “Beautiful drawing of a bag full of vegetables and nice bold, colorful words next to it.”
  • Kenzie Myers, a grade 6 student at the Christa McAuliffe Charter. She received a $10 gift card from Dulce de Leche.
    This logo stole the heart of one of our BYOB team members, Brigitte Griffin. This is a Brigitte Honorable Mention. “She loved the seal holding a reusable bag sitting on an ice island and the penguins silhouettes in the nearby islands,” said the BYOB team.


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