Shepard Announces Candidacy For Framingham City Council District 7

The following is an announcement submitted by the candidate, per the Framingham Source election policy. As per the policy, the statement is published below as submitted.


Margareth Shepard is running for District 7 City Councilor, Precincts 13 & 14, to support the interests of the neighborhood, and to improve the lives of all Framingham residents.

The change to city structure brings new possibilities and great challenges. Town Meeting served the community well for many years, Margareth believes, and the newly elected officials will have big shoes to fill.

“We all want to attract more investments and invigorate Framingham’s economy, but we also have the responsibility to keep Framingham an affordable, safe, and healthy place to live,” she says, adding, “We need to protect our environment, natural resources, and way of life.”

As City Councilor, Margareth is committed to responsible, accountable use of tax payer funds, guaranteeing sufficient funds for quality public education, supporting small businesses, providing social services, promoting affordable housing, and maintaining excellent public services. She wants to ensure that our diverse population has equal access to city services, and the opportunity to be part of local government.

Redevelopment of downtown Framingham is one of Margareth’s top priorities.

The Central Business District is in the heart of district 7, and successful businesses there will bring more revenue to our new city without burdening residential taxpayers.

Another of her goals is to promote civic engagement by establishing channels of communication with residents. She plans to hold district meetings and a yearly district survey to evaluate City Councilor performance, believing that participation will increase as residents see their concerns addressed.

About the Candidate

When Margareth Shepard arrived in Framingham from Brazil in 1992, she fell in love with this community, where people of different nationalities, cultures and ethnicities were working together and contributing to make it a better place for all.

Her ties with Framingham grew through the Good Samaritan Center. This organization, co-founded by her father Manoel Basilio, helped her to understand people’s needs, regardless of their origins and backgrounds.

“My family keeps my feet on the ground,” says Shepard, “and gives me the strength to fight for the rights of other families as well.”

As a Framingham small business owner Margareth established a vast network of costumers, and friends.

Golden Cleaners, her commercial and residential cleaning services, gave her the ability to know the Town and its residents well, and to understand the need to strengthen the connection between north and south, as well among different residents groups.

Margareth co-founded the movement Brazilians for Political Education, an organization that helps members of the Brazilian community, and others, become political active and engaged.

Her further public service includes:

  • Town Meeting member, Precinct 14
  • Treasurer for Framingham Democratic Town Committee
  • BRACE-Brazilian American Center board secretary
  • Commissioner for the MWCSW-Metrowest Commission on the Status of Women
  • Assisting green card holders with citizenship applications
  • Assisting young students with DACA-Dream Act applications

“Much can be achieved when the community works together. I want to do that with you. I ask for your support and your vote. Together, we can build bridges to better lives for all.”

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: Phone: 508-315-7176

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