Team Framingham 2017 Raised $82,423 for 6 Charities

The following is a press release from the Team Framingham Steering Committee submitted by Michael Bower:


The Team Framingham Steering Committee recently submitted their year-end report to the Framingham Board of Selectmen.

The report summarizes the accomplishments of the Team Framingham 2017 program and acknowledges all of those who assisted with the program.  The following are highlights from the report:

The 2017 Team Framingham Steering Committee was appointed by the Board of Selectmen at their meeting of Tuesday September 27, 2017.

The Team Framingham Steering Committee is comprised of the following seven town residents: Cherry Baram, Michael Bower, Michael Cannon, Jenifer Feaster, Stuart Hurowitz, Chris Kelley, and Ed Stoll.

The first Steering Committee meeting was held on Thursday November 3, 2016 and at that time the committee elected the following officers:  Michael Bower, Chair, Ed Stoll, Vice Chair and Jenifer Feaster, Clerk.

The establishment of a Steering Committee to oversee and manage the Team Framingham 2017 program allowed for many new components to be added to an already successful program foundation, many things that would not have been possible with a smaller oversight group.

The 2017 Team Framingham Steering Committee undertook several new initiatives to enhance the program this year:

  • Partnership with the Metrowest YMCA resulting in eight complimentary memberships for team runners.
  • The Street Banners Project that allowed us to enhance our fundraising by $11,000 and to promote the team runners, charities and corporate sponsors with street banners hung throughout downtown Framingham.
  • Additional training runs for team runners, including a second charity day run.
  • A team logo and t-shirt subcommittee comprised of Ed Stoll, Cherry Baram and Stuart Hurowitz who worked with designer Rob Levine to bring forward new Team Framingham logos and organize the team t-shirt order and distribution process.
  • Fundraising with Savers Inc Framingham for one team runner.
  • Meetings with representatives of the BAA bib programs in Hopkinton, Ashland, Natick and Wellesley to learn about their programs and to get ideas for improving the Team Framingham program.

At our March 7, 2017 Team Framingham Steering Committee meeting we approved a final version of our mission statement incorporating suggestions made by the Board of Selectmen during our presentation to them on February 14, 2017:

“Train, mentor and foster camaraderie among runners who have Town of Framingham Boston Marathon invitational entries to successfully cross the marathon finish line while raising money for selected Framingham charities.”

The 2017 Team Framingham program was an overwhelming success for the runners, the charities and the community.  I believe we were quite successful in providing a program for our team runners in accordance with our mission statement.

The team runners raised $82,423 for these six worthy charities as of June 1, 2017:  Resiliency for Life $20,574, Friends of the Callahan Center $19,547, Hoops and Homework $17,654, Framingham High School Foundation $11,335, Voices Against Violence $8,823, and Framingham History Center $4,490.

The fundraising total from this year along with the totals from the previous three years brought the 4-year Team Framingham fundraising to $268,898.

21 of the 22 team runners met the $1,500 minimum requirement.  The fundraising totals by runner:  Mark Goldschmidt (RFL) $10,548, Vernon Turner (FHSF), $7,922, Diana Linn (Hoops) $6,826, Chris Bogardus (Callahan) $ 4,765, Jason Miller (Hoops) $ 4,334, Andrew McDonnell (Voices) $4,071, Leslie White Harvey (Hoops) $3,453 ***, Lane Gordon (RFL) $3,400, Michael Wilson (Callahan) $3,352, Matt Trostel (Callahan) $3,328, Scott Pettingell (Callahan) $3,225, Adrienne Donohue (Voices) $3,165, Joe Kynoch (Hoops) $3,016, Don Cavicchi (History Center) $2,675, Breda O’Connor (Callahan) $2,507, Alexander Malykhin (Callahan) $2,345, Adria Cucinotta (RFL) $2,231, Andrew Chester (RFL) $2,127, Leslie White Harvey (RFL) $2,098 ***, Robert Young (FHSF) $1,888, Daniel Roop (History Center) $1,790, Travis Songer (Voices) $1,537 and Drew Halberstadt (FHSF) $1,500

Leslie White Harvey received her Boston Marathon entry from the GFRC and she asked to participate in Team Framingham fundraising for Hoops and Homework and RFL.  Leslie raised a combined total of $5,551 for the two charities.  Leslie was a Team Framingham 2016 runner and she deserves to be commended for her on-going support of our program even though she was not an official member of the 2017 team.

Two Team Framingham runners dropped out of the program prior to Marathon Monday.

All 20 Team Framingham runners who participated in the 2017 Boston Marathon finished the event and received BAA finisher medals.  This brings our 4-year Team Framingham success rate to 88 or 89 runners (98.9%)

The Team Framingham 2017 program included 5 team meetings where an extraordinary lineup of guest speakers provided the team runners with helpful training hints and a history of the course.   1984 and 1985 Boston Marathon winner Geoff Smith spoke at our April 6th meeting.  Author Paul Clerici, Boston Marathon: History by the Mile, spoke at our March 16th team meeting.  Doctor Bradley Weiss from Performance Health Center in Natick spoke at our February 15th team meeting.  Physical Therapist Janet Gamache and Marathon Training Coach Brendan Rickert from Hopkinton Physical Therapy spoke at our January 12th meeting.

The team runners had the opportunity to participate six (6) formal team long runs along the marathon course and two Charity Day long runs along the course simulating actual race conditions.  The eight training runs were the most in the four-year history of the program.

Ron Rego, Dennis Giombetti and Barry Bograd and the Government Channel once again reached out to Team Framingham to produce programs highlighting Team Framingham for the community.  This year we taped two shows which were broadcast extensively.  The first was taped in late March and broadcast through Marathon Monday.  The second was taped in mid-May and was a follow-up program focusing on the run and the success of this year’s program.  These broadcasts informed the community about the team, its runners, charities and mentors and assisted the team in enhancing their fundraising.  These are the links to the two programs

Special recognition and thanks as follows:


  • Assistant Town Manager James Duane for his outstanding assistance in coordinating various aspects of the program with town departments and with the random selection process.
  • Program corporate sponsors, Petrini and Associates and Michael P. Cannon and Associates, for their donations which helped underwrite our training program and the team t-shirts.
  • Ed Finnegan and Freeman Boston for the banners for our Street Banner project.
  • The Greater Framingham Running Club once again stepped up to provide mentoring for the Team Framingham runners.  The following GFRC members attended team meetings and/or team long runs to advise the team in their training:  Cheryl Asselin, Cherry Baram, Mike Bower, Jen Feaster, Ed Finnegan, Jeff Hattem, Kendra Howard, Rong Hu, Eric Jacobsen, Jon Marshall, Bob Moore, Susan Richardson, Ed Stoll, Lev Volfson, and Leslie White Harvey.
  • Team Framingham 2015 and 2016 runner Jon Marshall who served as fundraising coach for the team and provided water stop support to team runners on 3 different team long runs.
  • Metrowest YMCA for the 8 complimentary memberships for team runners.
  • Rob Levine Design for the design work for the new team logo. Rob’s standard fee for the work he performed for Team Framingham is $1,200.  He waived $600 from his standard fee as an in-kind donation to the team.
  • 4 Seasons for the team t-shirt printing.
  • Durham School Services for the 3 bus rides for team runners to charity day training runs and on Marathon Monday to Hopkinton.
  • The Framingham Source for their press coverage throughout the program.
  • Ron Rego, Dennis Giombetti and Barry Bograd for the two Team Framingham programs on the Government Channel.
  • Boston College Transportation Department for parking accommodations for our March 25th charity day long run.
  • Boston Sports Club for showers for the runners on Marathon Monday.
  • The leadership and staff of the Framingham Department of Public Works for their work in preparing the light poles in the downtown area with the required rods and accessories and for hanging the Team Framingham banners in early April and taking them down this week.  Paul Barden and Danny Nau coordinated this work for us.
  • Framingham Public Information Officer Nichol Figueiredo for her outstanding work on creating Team Framingham web pages on the town’s web-site and for issuing our press releases regularly.


If there are any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask.


Respectfully submitted,


Michael J. Bower


Team Framingham Steering Committee


The Team Framingham 2018 program will officially launch on Monday October 2, 2017 with the opening of the application process for the Monday December 4, 2017 “random selection” (lottery).  The first Team Framingham 2018 team meeting and training run will be held the week of December 11, 2017.  The 2018 Boston Marathon will be held on Monday April 16, 2018.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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